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Dark Rum Range

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Dark Rum Range

Stolen Dark Rum 1000ml

Stolen Dark is a full-bodied and smooth Dark Rum distilled by a world-class distillery in the Caribbean. The rum is column stilled from sugar cane molasses to create lighter, cleaner and more delicate rum. It is then aged for a minimum of two years in ex-bourbon oak barrels sourced from Kentucky and Tennessee. The inside of the barrels are charred to release a bouquet of rich woody flavours and deep, vivid colours. Human artistry then takes over and the rum is then blended by hand to create the final product, Stolen Dark. The result is lightly toasted sweet caramel aromas with soft honeyed texture in the mouth.

Widowmaker Rum 60% 375ml

This version of the Widow Maker starts with a sweet booziness of spiced rum on the nose followed by robust notes of vanilla, dark chocolate and dark fruit and further spirited with ethereal wisps of caramel and licorice. Both substantial and sublime, this rare elixir is sure to slake the most fiendish of thirsts. 60% Alc

Yankee Dark Rum 1 ltr

Yankee Dark Rum 1 ltr