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New products

GlenDronach Grandeur Batch 9 24YO Single Malt 700m

The ninth batch of GlenDronach's Grandeur series is a 24 year old single malt from the brilliant Highland distillery, drawn from sherry casks personally selected by master blender Rachel Barrie and bottled at 48.7% ABv. A release of just 1,487 bottles, each presented alongside a handsome case. Nose: A carefully woven tapestry of stone fruit, baked quince and glazed cherries on a seductive bed of sandalwood, roast chestnuts and subtle musk- scented leather. The freshness of oak balsam lifts and lengthens throughout, sustaining the exceptional balance and complexity. Palate: An elegant, deep and perfectly integrated palate combines a myriad of sherry cask tastes in each sip; an initial burst of rich sherry-laced fruitcake intriguingly opens up to reveal baked orange, sultana and luscious black cherries. Finish: As time slowly passes, the taste lengthens and deepens towards an elegant dark chocolate mint, raisin and angelica root velvet finish.


Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum n Glass Gift Pack

A versatile dark spirit for those who enjoy rum and bourbon. This small batch handcrafted blend boasts a second maturation in charred oak bourbon barrels. The result is an undertone of classic bourbon spices balanced with oaky vanilla and sweet caramel. This gift pack includes: x1 Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum 700ml + x1 Glass

Sandeman 40YO Tawny Port 750ml

Intense and deeply flavoured, with a massive bouquet suggesting vanilla, oak and honey, and a mouthful of very complex flavours of dried fruits, spices, and nuts. ABV: 20%


Amarula Gold Fruit Liqueur 1000ml

A non-cream edition of Amarula, gold is made using marula fruit, double distilled and aged in oak. This makes a delicious long drink with sparkling apple juice. ABV:40%


Rutte Old Simon Genever Gin 700ml

Rutte Old Simon Genever is named after the producer's founder, Simon Rutte. Made to his 19th-century recipe, this genever counts classic botanicals such as juniper, coriander and angelica root, as well as more unusual ones such as walnut, hazelnut, mace and celery. ABV: 35%


Sandeman 30YO Tawny Port 750ml

Old gold amber colours with the intense aromas of honey and spices, underscored with deep flavours of dried apricots, hazelnuts and vanilla, creating a rich yet elegant combination. ABV:20%


Whyte & Mackay 30YO Premium Blended Whisky 700ml

An incredible 30 year old blended whisky from Whyte and Mackay, very rich and well sherried. ABV:40%


Quinta De La Rosa 10YO Tawny Port 500ml

It is a rich and elegant blend with wonderful aromas exuding the heat of the Douro. On the palate it is complex with powerful dried fruit, a nutty make up and a long pleasing finish. ABV: 19.5%

Isle of Jura 16YO Single Malt 700ml

Glassy golden highlights. Full and rich. Each aroma beautifully structured to reveal harmony at its best. Silk and honey with a hint of ginger spice encompass this floral bouquet. Soft peaches and honey with a hint of citrus and marzipan will slowly arise, yet the backbone of its heritage continues to ebb away on the aftertaste, leaving the palate rewarded and satisfied. ABV:40%


Fonseca Bin 27 Port Gift Tin 750ml

Fonseca Bin no27 was created over a century ago for family consumption, and only released commercially in 1972. It is produced primarily from wines from Fonseca's own quintas in the Cima Corgo and thus shows an exceptional quality and consistency from year to year. Blended from reserve wines selected for their superb fruit character and depth of color, it's well-knit structure, rich, velvety full body and luscious blackcurrant and cherry flavors, also dominant in the bouquet, finish on an intense, lingering note. ABV:20%

Santiago de Cuba 25YO Rum 700ml

Coming from the oldest stocks of the Maestros Roneros (rum masters), the Santiago de Cuba 25 Year old rum has an attractive reddish-amber colour. It has an exquisite flavour with hints of dry fruits, cherries, cocoa, chocolate, coffee and nuts This rum is the highest expression of the brand: The Jewel of the Crown. ABV: 40%


Santiago de Cuba 12YO Rum 700ml

The Santiago de Cuba rum Añejo is characterized by a slight wood flavour mixed with subtle vanilla and orange undertones. This outstanding rum aged in the Santiago de Cuba cellars can be savoured in cocktail or on the rocks. ABV:40%


Remy Martin XO Premium Cognac + Glass Giftpk 700ml

The opulent and elegant Cognac must by law be double-distilled in copper pot stills then aged in barrels. This XO is aged for up to 35 years, with the Ugni Blanc grapes taken only from the two best crus. Graced with a floral bouquet and the delicate hint of Limousin oak. Region / Country: France Varietal: Cognac Volume: 700ml Alcohol %: 40.00% Food Match: Meat


Folsom 8% Beer 500ml Can ea

Brewed with premium malt and 2 hops varieties. The ingredient combination provides a unique, pear aroma, tangy hoppy-ness, thus a pleasant mixture of bitter and malt-sweet. ABV: 8%


Blanton's Gold Edition Premium Bourbon 750ml

Blanton’s Gold Edition was created for discerning connoisseurs who appreciate exceptional smoothness and clean finish in their bourbon whiskey. The rich taste of dark fudge, citrus, oak and cream combined with the spiciness of white pepper and rye lead to a long finish that challenges the world’s finest single malts and rarest cognacs in complexity and character. Best served neat or with a splash of water. Bottled at 51.5% alcohol by volume. Nose: Powerful and Dry, marked by Honey, Heavy Rye, Dried fruits, Vanilla, and Chocolate. Palate Entry: Sharp, Full and Rich, Marked by Apricot, Butter, Pepper, Light Honey, and Oak Finish: Long, with Toffee and Apple, Developing on Pecan and Caramel Best Served: Straight

WL Weller Special Reserve Bourbon 750ml

The Original Wheated Bourbon Whiskey features an exceptionally smooth taste, substituting wheat for rye grain. Bottled at 90 proof, this bourbon stands out with its burnt orange color. Its softer flavor notes make this bourbon great for sipping or making cocktails. A sweet nose with a presence of caramel. Tasting notes of honey, butterscotch, and a soft woodiness. It's smooth, delicate and calm. Features a smooth finish with a sweet honeysuckle flair. ABV: 45%


Southern Comfort 700ml + Mule Mixer Giftpk

Southern Comfort liqueur was invented in the heart of New Orleans' famous French Quarter in 1874 by a bartender named Martin Wilkes "M.W" Heron. New Orleans was a thriving port city; Heron had access to many fruits and some of the finest spices coming through the port such as Moroccan cinnamon and Mexican vanilla. He then began blending various fruits and spices together and finally perfected the recipe of Southern Comfort. There was a relatively popular competitive liqueur on the market at the time called 'Hats & Tails,' so Heron decided to name his liqueur 'Cuffs & Buttons' when he began selling the product in 1889. Each bottle label had his signature and the phrase "None Genuine but Mine" - " Southern Comfort won the gold medal at the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis, Missouri. In 1939, the Scarlett O'Hara cocktail was invented as a tribune to the movie, 'Gone with the Wind.' The cocktail is mixed with Southern Comfort, cranberry juice and fresh lime. Thi Gift pack includes x1 Soutern Comfrot 700ml + x1 Fentimans Ginger Beer & Muddled Lime 500ml

Larios London Dry Gin 1ltr

Larios Dry has the typical flavors of gin: berries of wild juniper that join the most refreshing citrus fruits: lemon and orange from the Mediterranean. It is the gin closest to consumers because of its Mediterranean character and its presence in the market over many years. ABV: 37.5%


Larios 12 Botanicals Gin 1lTR

A Spanish gin made using 12 botanicals which are distilled five times. Larios 12 is made with botanicals including wild juniper, nutmeg, angelica root, coriander, Mediterranean lemon, orange, tangerine, mandarin, clementine, grapefruit, lime and orange blossom. ABV: 40%

Jack Daniels Master Dist5 700ml

During the 1970s and most of the 1980s, Frank Bobo oversaw the historic rise of our Old No. 7 Brand. Throughout his watch, he never made enough whiskey to keep up with demand; he was more concerned about making every drop according to the low, time-honored process our founder perfected. "I'd rather ask for folks' patience than their forgiveness." - Frank Bobo


Cointreau Liqueur Gift Pk 700m

Presented in a gift box containing a Contreau Cocktail glass. This orange based liqueur is a variant of triple sec, hugely popular worldwide. Great as an aperitif or addition to many famous cocktails.


Beefeater Limited Edition London dry Gin 1ltr

Limited Edition 'Be Alive' Bottle. One distillery, eight stills, nine botanicals and three expert distillers produce one bold taste. With every drop made right here in London, we're proud to produce a real London Dry


Teeling Revival Vol 4 Muscat Cask 15YO Whisky 700m

Consists of 15 Year Old Single Malt Irish whiskey initially matured in Bourbon barrels for the first 14 Years before it was given an extra year of maturation in ex-Muscat casks. Bottled at 46% with no chill filtration creates a truly unique Irish whiskey taste experience. The fourth limited edition bottling in The Revival Commemorative Series. Limited to 10,000 decanter bottles with premium secondary packaging to ensure on-shelf stand out. Irish Whiskey of the Year - 2017 Irish Whiskey Awards


Teeling Vintage Reserve 24YO 700ml

Limited to just 5,000 bottles, the Teeling Whiskey Company is proud to introduce this special release of some of the oldest Irish Single Malt in the world. Matured initially in Bourbon casks before being given an additional maturation in ex-Sauternes wine barrels, imparting a distinctly unique flavour. Bottled at 46% with no chill filtration completing a whiskey of true character. Awarded World?s Best Irish Single Malt, 2016 at the World Whiskies Awards, this is a whiskey to savour.


Teeling Brabazon Series 1 Sherry Cask Whisky 700ml

The Brabazon Bottling Series is a limited-edition collection of unique Irish Single Malts capturing the full impact and flavor crafted through fortified wine cask maturation. TASTING NOTES Nose Earthy dried fruit and roasted hazelnut, with marmalade, peach, plum and burnt toffee. Taste A rich sherry sweetness, red berries, nuttiness and toffee, with a hint of liquorish and clove. Finish Lingering mixed spice, trail-mix, crisped marshmallow, dry tannins and spice with toasted wood. ABV:49.5%


Teeling Brabazon Series2 Port Cask Whisky 700ml

Series No. 2 focuses on port cask maturation and consists of a range of carefully selected port aged whiskeys producing a full flavoured port influenced Irish Single Malt. This bottling consists of a vatting of 6 different port casks carefully chosen for their complementary character. The Brabazon Bottling Series 2 is bottled at 49.5% with no chill filtration allowing for all the natural flavours of this whiskey to be retained. *Limited Release. ABV: 49.5%


Mars Komagatake Single Malt Tsuniki Ageing 750

This single malt from Japan's Shinshu distillery was allowed to mature in the Tsunuki Aging Cellar for three years before being bottled at cask strength. Perhaps a hint of what's to come from the Tsunuki distillery, opened in 2016 by Shinshu's owner, Hombo Shuzo...


Dalmore Cigar Malt Reserve 700ml

Dalmore Cigar Malt was discontinued in mid-2009, causing uproar among all right-thinking, cigar-smoking whisky fans. This dram used to sit above the 12, and below the 15 in terms of both the price-point, and the age-profiles of the whisky that went into the blend, but the new version is a little different. The whiskies that make up the reworked cigar malt are slightly older, which has pushed up the price somewhat. But it's a great whisky, whether you drink with its intended purpose in mind or not. And if you do enjoy cigars, you'll want to know that the stick that provided the flavour benchmark for pairing is the hefty Partagas Serie D No. 4. ABV: 44%


Mars Komagatake Single Malt Shinanotanpopo Whisky

On the nose the fruity notes are expressed first with red fruits and blackberries. In the palate, it is possible to add flowery notes of heady flowers such as lilac and lily of the valley, which with the balance of spicy touches of cinnamon and ginger. Finally it is with a slight bitterness and woody notes of oak that the farandolle ends with a desire to come back for a ride. ABV:52%


Mars Lucky Cat Mint Blended Whisky 750ml

Mars Whisky has announced the another limited edition of the lucky cat series, which follows the Lucky Cat Sun and the Lucky Cat Ask 99, introducing the ‘Lucky Cat Mind’ Blended whisky. This is bottled at 43% Abv at 700ml, where in only 3,830 bottles will be released.


Mars Iwai Tradition Wine Cask finish 750ml

Extra aged in ex-red wine casks from their Chateau Mars winery in neighbouring Yamanashi prefecture. ABV: 40%


Mars Iwai Tradition Whisky 750ML

A rich gold whisky with complex, sweet honey and malt fragrances. Style:Japanese Blended Whisky Grain Type: Blended Barley/Grains. Aging Cask: 3 Years +. ABV:40% Serve:Chilled or Mixed.


Mars Komagatake Single Malt Kohiganzakura Whisky 7

The second bottling from the Nature of Shinshu series produced by the eponymous Japanese distillery. The Kohiganzakura honours the cherry blossom prevalent in Japan (and around the distillery itself, in particular!). It's a lightly peated expression, with parts of it matured in casks that previously matured Japanese wine. ABV: 52%


Mars Cosmo Whisky 750ml

Aged in Sherry, Bourbon and American white oak casks. 'COSMO' is the name of a mountain in the Japan Central Alps close to the Mars distillary. ABV: 43%


Glenglassaugh Pedro Ximenez Wood Finish Whisky 700

The luscious sweetness of our full-bodied spirit is intensified in Pedro Ximenez sherry wood finish. Known as the ?King of sherries?, PX is a sweet, dessert sherry, made by the sun-dried PX grape, known for its unctuous raisiny character. During finishing, the PX cask imbues Glenglassaugh with sun-dried warmth, reminiscent of a richly baked fruit dessert, spiced by the sea. ABV: 46%


Glenglassaugh Port Wood FinishWhisky 700ml

The elemental freshness of our coastal spirit is invigorated in Glenglassaugh Port Wood finish. Whilst finishing in ruby Port pipes, the oak?s open structure combines with the influence of the sea, as waves of dark fruit ebb in synchrony with fresh mint and fruit zest. For a moment, you may find yourself picking berries in a herb garden, enlivened by the sea. ABV:46%


Glenglassaugh Peated Port Wood Finish Whisky 700ml

Glenglassaugh?s waves of fruit and smoke are amplified in Peated Port Wood Finish. Whilst finishing in ruby Port pipes, the open structure of the oak brings waves of velvet tannins and peppered dark fruit, reminiscent of Winter berries by an open fire, kissed by the sea. ABV:46%


Glenglassaugh 30YO Whisky 700ml

Glenglassaugh 30 Years Old is a rich and complex whisky which has been matured for over 30 years in our coastal warehouses. Bottled at 42%, this is a refined single malt with elegant sherry cask characteristics complimented by luscious fruits and oak spice.


Glenglassaugh Torfa Highland Whisky 700ml

limited quantity whisky using richly peated malted barley as the cereal varietal. The malted barley has been dried in the traditional way, over peat infused kilns, giving the whisky its unique smoky flavour. With its peaty, phenolic nature, is a unique expression, and is quite different to the usual Highland whisky. ABV: 50%


GlenDronach Peated Single Malt Scotch Whisky 700ml

This whisky has, unusually, been distilled using peated malted barley. The GlenDronach peated pays homage to the peat historically used to dry malted barley in the traditional floor maltings. Matured in bourbon casks followed by a second period of maturation in the finest Oloroso and Pedro Ximenez Sherry casks. ABV:46%

Mars Iwai Japanese Whisky 750ml

A rich gold whisky with light, sweet and floral fragrances with notes of sweet pear and dark cacao. Style:Japanese Blended Whisky. Grain Type:Blended Barley/Grains. Aging Cask:3 Years + ABV:40%. Serve:Chilled or Mixed.


Benriach 30 Year Old Authenticus 700ml

The oldest expression in our peated range and a rare opportunity to experience a peated Speyside single malt dating back to the 1980s. Crafted from densely peated malted barley, BenRiach Authenticus aged 30 years is a more intense Speyside malt which carries a delightful balance of WILD HONEY and PEAT on the nose. The combination of the SOFT, CREAMY VANILLA, SUMMER FRUITS and SLIGHT HINT OF COCOA coax the palate, while the INFUSED SWEET PEAT builds gradually to complete the unique character. ABV:46%


Mackinlay's Shackleton Blended Whisky 700ml

Shackleton Blended Malt has been expertly crafted by using a recreation of the antique Mackinlay's as its foundation, combined with the finest Highland malt whiskies. ABV: 40%

GlenDronach LTD Release Port Wood Single Malt Whis

Inspired by the historical import of casked port into Scotland during the nineteenth century, the peated spirit has then undergone a final maturation in the finest port pipes, from the Douro Valley in Portugal. Our whisky maker has hand-selected and expertly combined these port pipes, to create a rare and surprising expression of The GlenDronach. The GlenDronach Peated Port Wood is bottled at 46% ABV, non chill filtered and natural colour.


Benriach 17YO Pedro Ximenez Finish Single Malt 700

Matured in the traditional style in American BOURBON barrels, this whisky is then ?finished? in PEDRO XIMENEZ sherry butts, sourced from the bodegas of Jerez de la Frontera in Andalucia, Southern Spain. During this second period of maturation, the whisky derives a luscious DARK CHOCOLATE taste intertwined with OAK AND SHERRY flavour distinctive to the Pedro Ximenez butt. ABV: 46%


GlenDronach The Hielan 8YO Single Malt 700ml

This exceptional eight year old single malt is matured and married in a combination of the finest bourbon and Sherry casks. It portrays all the traditional Highland characteristics of a fine single malt whisky. ABV:46%


Benriach 10YO SMalt Whisky 700ml

Launched in April 2015, the release of BenRiach 10 year old marks a milestone in the BenRiach Distillery Company's ownership. For the first time they have a core bottling created predominantly with spirit distilled under the new owner's watch. It's presented at 43% and is matured in ex-bourbon and ex-Sherry casks for a classic Speyside style. ABV: 43%


Benriach 35 Year Old Single Malt Scotch 700ml

Non chill filtered and bottled at natural colour, the BenRiach 35 years old is a CLASSIC SPEYSIDE single malt. Master Distiller Billy Walker's tasting notes show this whisky is an exceptional malt to be SAVOURED and ENJOYED in every stage from nose to tongue to afterglow and with each sip. ABV:42.5%


Benriach 22Year Old Moscatel Finish Single Malt 70

Matured in the traditional style in American BOURBON barrels, this whisky is then finished in MOSCATEL wine casks, sourced from Portugal. During this second period of maturation this whisky interacts with the wood and derives a number of additional flavours and AROMAS specific to the Moscatel cask. ABV: 46%


Benriach Batch 1 Cask Strength Single Malt Scotch

The very first edition of our new Cask Strength release is classic BenRiach in style and shows BenRiach in its most natural state, cask strength, non chill filtered and of natural colour, allowing the distillery?s unique spirit to shine through. This complex single malt has a creamy, delicate taste and aroma that truly captures the BenRiach character with a combination of vanilla, fruits and sweet barley. The BenRiach Cask Strength Batch 1 is bottled at 57.2%.


Benriach Birnie Moss Peated Single Malt Whisky 700

Birnie Moss is an area of windswept moorland situated close to the BenRiach Distillery. Birnie Moss is a whisky bursting with originality. Quite out of character for a Speyside malt, this unique expression wields its peated, smoky character with a precocious vigour. Bottled at 48%abv, 35ppm and non-chill filtered.


Benriach Heart Of Speyside Single Malt Scotch whis

The entry level BenRiach bottling with no age statement, named for the distillery?s location in Elgin in Moray at the heart of Speyside. This fine single malt captures fruit, honey, heather, spice and oak. Bottled at 40%, non-chill filtered, the Heart of Speyside truly portrays the classic Speyside style of BenRiach. ABV: 46%