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New products

Absolut Love Vodka 1000ml

Love is the most powerful force in the world. And today the world needs it more than ever. That is why this new limited edition bottle is all about turning hate into love. We call it Absolut Drop, and it will stand as a symbol for love and peace – and good spirits. The ink printed on this bottle was taken from hate signs around the world and repurposed to spread a better message. Love. We hope this action will inspire others to turn hate into love and that they will feel that everyone can do something to make this world a better place. Please Note: Bottle colour (Pink or green) will be chosen at random.

Brown Brothers LE Prosecco 750ml

A vibrant and easy drinking sparkling wine from Victoria’s King Valley, the home of premium Prosecco, a refreshing sip for any occasion. A Collaboration with artist George Rose brings you this Limited Edition Prosecco label design.

Brown Brothers Prosecco Rose 750ml

Blush in colour with vibrant notes of berry and citrus, a refreshing sparkling wine to be enjoyed now while it’s light and delicateA Collaboration with artist George Rose brings you this Limited Edition Prosecco Rosé label design.

Malfy Original Gin 750ml

While Malfy Gin Con Limone showcases Italian coastal lemons, their Originale expression showcases a juniper-forward flavour profile. Using wild Italian juniper alongside five further botanicals, the Malfy Gin distillers bring Originale down to bottling strength using water from the Monviso mountain extracted at the village of Crissolo. ABV: 41%


Sacred Spring Sun Kissed Gin 70ml

Fresh strawberries and locally sourced rhubarb are infused with our dry gin as a nod to summer nostalgia. Bottled at 37.5% ABV, this is what we call a sippin' gin!

Scapegrace Gold Gin 57% 700ml

She's strong, oozing attitude. 13 exotic botanical's, glacial New Zealand waters, and all born of a copper pot still. All concealed beneath a 24 carat disk. It's a sign of a modern 57% gin with more control. Citrus to the fore, smooth as you like. A special batch for a special occasion. The ultimate gin for crafting cocktails. When you think you've tried everything, this one's 'just right'. Goldi Locks Rogue of the woods.

Teeling Single malt Irish Whiskey Gift Tube 700ml

Yellow with golden highlights. Vibrant with notes of melon, figs, toffee and lemon. A balanced mix of dry fruits, citrus, vanilla, spice and cloves. Long finish with sweetness in harmony with dry tannins from the woods.

Benriach 21 Year Old 700ml

Matured for at least twenty-one years in a combination of four types of casks: bourbon barrels, virgin oak casks, Pedro Ximenez sherry casks and red wine casks. The whisky from these four woods has then been expertly blended together by our Master Blender to create a multi-faceted and superbly balanced malt, with each cask type adding unique notes to the taste experience.

K Hard Apple Cider 6pk Cans

‘K’ a bold and iconic premium Irish cider. It has always been presumed that ‘X’ means strength however premium ciders of a superior quality have always been marked with a ‘K’. K Hard Apple Cider is a refreshing full flavoured semi sweet cider bursting with the flavour of ripe apples, best served chilled.

Tuborg Beer 12pk 330ml

Tuborg Green is a bottom-fermented lager beer. It's brewed on lager malt, a slightly roasted, bright type of malt which results in the well-known mild, fresh taste and aroma of flowers and cereal. The beer is medium rich and lively with a moderate bitterness in the aftertaste. Today, Tuborg has grown to become an international brand enjoyed in more than 70 countries around the world and known for its exceptional quality and refreshing taste.

Jack Daniels 200ml & Gentleman Jack 200ml each Gif

Jack Daniel's is the No. 1 selling whiskey in the world, is a genuine quality product with real heritage from America's oldest registered distillery. Seven international gold medals for product excellence. Charcoal mellowed. From America's oldest distillery. Timeless taste since 1866, well rounded and balanced medium amber whiskey. Pleasant mix of caramel, vanilla and wood notes, highlighted by a slightly fruity aroma. A "Tennessee Whiskey" is different to a bourbon due to the "charcoal mellowing" process. Charcoal mellowing gives Jack Daniel's its special smoothness and character. Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey is made using a very old process of passing the newly distilled whiskey through 10 foot high mellowing vats packed with sugar maple charcoal. Jack Daniel's still insist on the same meticulous processes and draw water from the same natural underground cave in Lynchburg, Tennessee as Mr Jack Daniel did all those years ago. This gift pack includes one 200ml bottle of Jack Daniels no.7 and one 200ml bottle of Gentleman Jack.


Woodford Reserve Bourbon W/1 Glass 700ml

Woodford Reserve isn't manufactured, it's hand crafted in small batches. This artisinal process allows us to craft it at all five sources of bourbon flavor giving it its distinct taste and crisp, clean finish.


Fonseca 10YO Port Wooden Box 750ml

Fonseca 10 Year Old Tawny is russet in colour with brilliant crimson highlights and a fragrant, ripe-fruit bouquet. Its smooth, silky texture and subtle oak nuances are balanced by a fresh acidity and tannic 'grip' that culminate in a long, elegant, plumy finish.


Scapegrace Confessional Box 700ml

Scapegrace is an NZ Gin, featuring a selection of 12 botanicals (juniper, coriander, nutmeg, cardamom, lemon peel, orange peel, orris, cinnamon, cassia, angelica, clove and liquorice) and presented in a bottle inspired by an antique genever bottle. "Scapegrace" is another name for a rogue or scoundrel, in case you were wondering. ABV: 42.2%


Jack Daniels FOB mixed 5x50ml

Includes one 50ml bottle each of Jack Daniel's Original Old No. 7, Gentleman Jack, Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey, Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Select, and Jack Daniel's Tennessee Fire .


Taylors Historical Collection 1Ltr

This blend was carefully put together for this limited edition from specially selected Ports from Taylor’s extensive aged Tawny stocks, aged in seasoned oak Port pipes. Its character is unique for this bottling, with the characteristic Taylor’s richness and with its distinctive grip on the finish. The wine is a skilfully blended Tawny Port, harmonious and balanced, with all the intensity and finesse derived from ageing in seasoned oak casks.


Jagermeister Copper Pourer Giftpk 700ml

Jagermeister is the best selling German spirit in the world. It is produced from a mysterious blend of 56 fruits, roots and herbs with 35% alcohol. The recipe was developed in 1935 and still remains a closely guarded secret today. The brand has had huge international success, particularly in the USA. It has also experienced phenomenal growth in New Zealand where it has a loyal following. It should always be served ice cold, and is best enjoyed as a shot, mixed with an energy drink or mixed with ginger beer and fresh lime as a long drink.


De Bortoli 90th Anniversary 20YO Port 750ml

Black Noble has woven together both the family and varietys history, as it is crafted from the same botrytised Semillon grapes harvested for De Bortolis iconic Noble One, which was developed by Darren De Bortoli and his father Deen in 1982. This limited release blend is created utilising many vintages including a portion from the original vintage of Botrytis Semillon in 1982. By blending many vintages together we capture each years nuances with an average blended age of 20 years to deliver structure, strength and complexity.


Bruichladdich Wee Laddie Gift pk 3x200ml

A special sampling set from Islay's Bruichladdich distillery, investigating the affect of barley type on the flavour of whisky. The set contains 200ml bottles of whisky distilled from organic barley, Bere barley – an ancient variety known for its spicy character – and Islay barley – grown just miles from the distillery. Bruichladdich are all about terroir, and this gives a fascinating insight into how changes to one of the key ingredients of whisky can ripple through the whole whisky-making process.

Gentleman Jack Coaster Gift Pk 700ml

The Limited Edition Gift Pack contains: 1 x 700mL Gentleman Jack 1 x Gentleman Jack genuine embossed and stitched cloth style coaster & 1 x Gentleman Jack Recipe Book.


Teeling Blended Whiskey 700ml + Glass Tin

Rich, golden, with vanilla and spice circling the bright, ambrosial notes of rum courtesy of the cask it was matured in. The influence of the rum cask and higher alcohol (46%) creates a smooth, sweetly mellow, gently wooded marriage that sparkles on the tongue. Heartwarming.


Jack Daniels Single Barrel + 1 Glasse gift pk

A special gift presentation of Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Select, including a tasting glass like the one used by master distiller Jeff Arnett, to aid in the appreciation of subtle caramel and spice notes. Each bottle of Jack Daniel's Single Barrel is hand-labeled with its barrel number, giving whiskey connoisseurs the opportunity to detect the subtle differences a barrel brings to the whiskey. Jeff Arnett, Jack Daniel's seventh Master Distiller, has been making whiskey a long time. As an official taste-tester he is the man who decides which barrels should become Jack Daniel's Single Barrel.

Pickerings Pink Grapefruit & Lemongrass Gin 500ml

This Pink Grapefruit & Lemongrass Gin Liqueur, made with the ace Pickering's Gin along with juicy grapefruit and warming lemongrass. Add a splash to a glass of sparkling wine or tonic and enjoy.

Pickerings GIn Bauble Pack 6x50ml

A guaranteed firm festive favourite for the gin lover in your life, our world-famous Pickering's Gin baubles are the ultimate tree decoration upgrade. Each pack contains 6 different coloured plastic baubles. Each bauble is filled with 50ml (that's a double measure to you and I) of Pickering’s Gin. A Screw Cap closure to avoid spills. Filled with Pickering’s gin, the six baubles come in pink, blue, purple, yellow, red and green with a rose gold screw lid hung from a silk red ribbon. Tree-mendous.


Pickerings 1947 42% Gin 700ml

Spicier, sweeter and more intense, it’s a decadent trip back to the last days of the Raj. Cardamom, coriander, clove and cinnamon spice lead to a crisp, refreshing and long finish. Recommended serve: with ice, tonic and a wedge of orange. For a more warming drink, substitute tonic water for ginger ale.


Pickerings Navy Strength Gin 700ml

Bottled at 57.1% ABV, our spirit is smooth, clean and powerful. Initial juniper and aromatic spice flavours lead to a delicious sweetness. Each bottle of gin comes with a bearskin hat and a commemorative necktag. Recommended serve: its strength and sweetness make for an incredible cocktail gin.

Pickerings Gin 42% 700ml

Fresh, light and bold flavours of citrus and juniper give way to intense warming spice of cardamom, coriander seed and clove. Recommended serve: with ice, tonic and a slice of pink grapefruit.


Elephant London Dry Gin Gift Box 500ml

The gin's nose yields a subtle juniper aroma with an undertone of mountain pine and other herbaceous notes. The taste is complex but strikingly smooth, encompassing floral, fruity and spicy flavours which can be enjoyed both straight and in a cocktail. The founders were inspired to create Elephant Gin following their own adventures in Africa. With a vision to conserve the wildlife they feel so passionately for they decided to launch a product that would help conservation trusts. They strongly believe that this generation has a responsibility to support the African wildlife today, so others can continue to enjoy it in the future. With every bottle sold, Elephant Gin contributes 15% to two foundations that are devoted to the conservation of wildlife in Africa.

Olmeca Altos Reposado 700ml

Altos Reposado tequila is made from 100% blue agave grown in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico and aged in former whiskey barrels for 6 to 8 months for good measure. Sweet and citric with notes of vanilla and wood, it's definitely worth the wait. Trust us.

Olmeca Altos Plata 700ml

Altos Tequila Plata is made from 100% blue agave grown in the Los Altos highlands of Mexico. Complete with herbal notes of cooked agave, our Plata is slightly citric and sweet with a fruity aroma. It's a classic tequila for the modern world.

Sipsmith London Dry Gin 700ml

The quintessential classic. Copper pot distilled in London's first distillery for 200 years. Stunningly smooth, full of character & exploding with flavour; this is Gin made the way it used to be. ABV:41.6%

Blush SB Rhubarb Gin 700ml

Made locally by a team of two! Just sweet enough to be beautiful, Smooth enough to be enjoyed on the rocks and enough alcohol content to make it a proper drink, with a colour that is true to the Rhubarb itself. We are the good time Gin! The very first batch was made in a 500ml jam jar, while our batches are a bit bigger now we still put the same passion and love into every bottle to make a truly memorable Gin. Keep your Blush Gin in a cool dark place out of direct sunlight, in the fridge is ideal, some sediment will occur over time.

Ardbeg AN OA 700ml

Explore the range of fantastic whiskies from the renowned Ardbeg distillery on the Isle of Islay with the Ardbeg Exploration Pack. This set features a 70cl bottle of Ardbeg 10 Year Old (a timeless expression), a 5cl of Ardbeg Corryvreckan (intense and well-peated, named after a whirlpool) and a 5cl of Ardbeg Uigeadail (featuring whisky matured in Sherry casks), all within a handsome presentation box.


Church Rd GWEN Rose 750ml

Beautifully refreshing, this is a subtle, elegant Rose´ in a bone-dry style. Flavours and aromas range from subtle red fruits and stone fruit, through to more lifted floral, guava, gentle herbal notes and fliinty, mineral complexity. The palate is finely textured, with a long, zesty, slate like finish. A versatile and food friendly style of Rose´, ideal as a refreshing aperitif, yet well suited to a range of lighter, fresher dishes, particularly where an element of umami features.Try with sashimi dishes or freshly shucked oysters.


Dom Perignon Cuvee 2009 Champagne 750ml

The fruit is majestic: ripe, fleshy and profound. Beyond the richness and a certain voluptuousness is a strong impression of consistency that prevails. The wine’s power is remarkably restrained. The various sensations – silky, salty, sappy, bitter and briny – converge and persist.


Kahlua Salted Caramel 1Ltr

A lip-smacking variation on the classic Kahlúa coffee liqueur recipe, incorporating ever-popular notes of salted caramel. We are expecting someone to create some sort of Salted Caramel Brownie Cocktail with this and we can't wait to try it ourselves.

Previously:  $39.99 $36.99

Chivas Regal XV Whisky 700ml

Aged for a minimum of 15 years and selectively finished in Grande Champagne Cognac casks, this unique whisky is luxuriously fruity and deliciously sweet. The subtle influence of the cognac makes it the ultimate way to elevate your night out.

Jacobs Creek Prosecco Spritz 750ml

Jacob''s Creek Prosecco Spritz is a refreshing take on the classic aperitivo, made with crisp Prosecco blended with blood orange, botanicals and a twist of bitters. This sophisticated, ready-to-serve product is best served over ice with a slice of grapefruit which beautifully complements the bitter sweet citrus notes. It's the perfect, stylish accompaniment when catching up with friends for an afternoon celebration or getting ready for a night out. ABV: 8.5%

Beefeater Pink Gin 700ml

Beefeater Pink is the vibrant new strawberry gin from Beefeater London. A delicious, easy to drink and fun strawberry gin made in London and based on the classic award-winning Beefeater Dry recipe. ABV:37.5%


Mac's Cloudy Apple Cider 12pk Bottles 330ml

Crisp apples from the Hawke’s Bay provide both the clouds & the silver lining in this refreshing cider from Mac’s.


Marie Zelie Reserve Pinot Noir 2013 750ml

Succulent and lavishly fruited, but in no way heavy, this is elegant power and persistence vinified. Silky, supple, fine-grained tannins frame a core of densely concentrated fruit, already harmonious and enjoyable in its youth, but with a sense of confidence like all the great wines possess. Unquestionably the finest Marie Zelie yet, this is a wine just waiting for a special occasion - and it'll be ready when you are..

Plantation OFTD 69% Rum 700ml

Plantation O.F.T.D (Old Fashioned Traditional Dark) is a high-strength blend of rums from Barbados, Guyana and Jamaica. Rich and warming with notes of spice, coffee, orange and clove, this is excellent in cocktails.


Plantation Barbados 02 Rum 700ml

2002 vintage rum from Barbados, bottled for the brilliant Plantation range. This began its maturation in bourbon casks, before being transferred over to Cognac casks for a two year finishing period.


Torres 15YO Brandy 1 ltr

Amber with gold highlights. Intense, elegant and nuanced aroma. A predominance of toasted, smoky notes enveloped in aromas of cedar. Vanilla, cinnamon, dried fruit and nuts with spiced undertones of oak. Highly complex and well-structured palate, unctuous and rich in tannins. Hints of toasted oak; lingering, concentrated and deep on the finish.
Previously:  $79.99 $71.99

Torres 10YO Brandy 1 ltr

Dark topaz-coloured, with fine old gold tints. Of strong aroma, it displays an intense bouquet - more spiritual than spirituous - with warm hints of spices (cinnamon, vanilla). On the palate it is round and rich in tannins, developing towards a lush and lingering aftertaste, in which the aromatic overtones of the oak are revealed.
Previously:  $59.99 $53.99

Torres 5YO Brandy 1 ltr

Solera-aged Spanish brandy from the Torres range. Torres 5 is their entry-level expression, made using three types of grapes - Macabeu, Parellada and Xarel·lo.


Glen Moray Peated + Glasses 700ml

A handsome present for the Glen Moray fan in your life - a gift pack containing a 70cl bottle of Glen Moray Classic Peated and a pair of branded glasses. Rather handy if you're fond of drinking from vessels that not only hold your beverage but let other people what you're drinking too!


Jack Daniels Legacy 1905 700ml

The Jack Daniel's Legacy Whiskey First Edition bottle is produced in order to commemorate the very first, the original Jack Daniels Tennesee Whiskey. You see, it wasn't that black-and-white bottle all along. And eventhough it was kind of unusual for its whiskey rivals, their bottles sported that unexpected shade of green with touches of gold back in 1904. And so, the distillery decided to recreate these bottlings most especially for the Jack fans who would love to pay tribute to its colorful history. The Jack Daniels Legacy Series First Edition bottle features a deep orange amber-colored liquid that has a fragrant nose that'll invite you with scents of orchard fruit, toast, and cinnamon. And of course, as Jack Daniels is known worldwide for being a well-crafted smooth sippin' whiskey, this limited edition will give you all that plus more. It has a medium-bodied yet perfectly balanced mouthfeel filled with flavors of vanilla, caramel, toasted oak, and a hint of dark chocolate. Then, it leaves your palate with a delightful creamy finish. ABV:43%

Jameson Cask Mates IPA 700ml

Having previously swapped stout beer barrels with friends in a local craft brewery, we looked to experiment with another craft beer style. After careful exploration we settled on an IPA. And so, once again, we swapped barrels and matured Jameson in their seasoned barrels. Our curiosity paid off. Our signature smoothness was still there, but rubbing shoulders with IPA introduced light hints of hops, fresh citrus and floral notes.
Previously:  $49.99 $44.99

Woodstock ER Ginger 7% 12pk 250ml Cans

Woodstock Easy Roller is a full flavoured, more sessionable, less sweet, refreshing bourbon drink that's perfect for long, relaxed sessions. Woodstock Easy Roller is a full flavoured, more sessionable, less sweet, refreshing bourbon drink that's perfect for long, relaxed sessions.

Woodstock ER Apple 7% 12pk 250ml Cans

Woodstock Easy Roller is a full flavoured, more sessionable, less sweet, refreshing bourbon drink that's perfect for long, relaxed sessions. Woodstock Easy Roller is a full flavoured, more sessionable, less sweet, refreshing bourbon drink that's perfect for long, relaxed sessions.

Long White Apple&Pear 10pk B

Long White Vodka Apple and Pear is triple distilled vodka and NZ sparkling water, doused with apple and pear, natural fruit flavours and has a dash of lemon juice to give it some zing. Deliciously refreshing, it’s the perfect tipple for a summer afternoon.