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Other Spirits

Efe Klasik Turkish Raki 1ltr

Produced in a single production facility by experienced experts and with ISO assurance, Efe Raki guarantees the same taste in every bottle. 45%

Jinro Soju Korean Spirit 750ml

Made from 60% grain, 20% sweet potato, 20% tapioca, (50% rice and 50% barley), Chamisul Soju by Jinro has a thin crisp vodka scent and a taste of a sweet watered down vodka. With an all around sweet sugar flavor, Jinro is very smooth with no bite. Jinro Soju is very drinkable with a slight burn and warmth. That's the reason it sells so much. Jinro is a sweet and smooth watered down vodka that is very drinkable for the average drinkable. Lacking any serious bite, this spirit has mass appeal. Also, many in South Korea and throughout the world mix Soju into their beer to give the Asian style light lager/pilsner a bit of a kick. Alc. Vol.:24%

Mainstay Cane Sprit 750ml

Mainstay is a 5 times distilled cane spirit originally developed in the cane fields of KwaZulu-Natal and now regarded as the national spirit of South Africa. While it's distilled from fermented molasses using the continuous method, it raises an interesting question. With the resulting spirit being clear and of high purity, should it be classified as a Rum, or is it a Vodka?! Referred to simply as ‘Cane’ in its homeland, given its key ingredient Mainstay is considered by many a White Rum. It has scored numerous medals including the 2007 IWSC Trophy for Best Vodka, Gold (Best in Class), an IWSC Trophy for Vodka as well as IWSC 2008, 2009 and 2010 Vodka Silver Medals.

Soju Fresh Korean Spirit 360ml

Korea's no.1 soju with a clean finish – A large quantity of bamboo charcoal is used to thoroughly filter out hangover-causing aldehyde and similar elements in a process that is carried out four times. ABV: 17.8%