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Bacardi Coconut Rum 50ml MINI

A Perfect Coconut Rum For Making Cocktails at a impressive price. ---- Anaconda Cocktail: 1 1/2 oz Bailey's(R) Irish cream 1 1/2 oz Bacardi(R) Coco rum 1 oz dark creme de cacao 1 splash green creme de menthe 1/2 oz whipped cream 1 pinch cayenne peppers Pour liquors on the rocks in an old-fashioned glass. Top with whipped cream, sprinkle with cayenne pepper, and serve. Coco-Martini: 1 1/2 oz Bacardi(R) Coco rum 3/4 oz Kahlua(R) coffee liqueur 1/2 oz brown creme de cacao Pour Bacardi Coco, Kahlua and brown creme de cacao into a mixing glass. Shake, and strain into a cocktail/martini glass. Spiral chocolate syrup from the center to the outer rim. Garnish with a chocolate spiral, and serve.

Bacardi Dragon Berry Mini 50ml

BACARDI Dragon Berry has a unique blend of ripe juicy strawberries and sweet, exotic dragonfruit that creates a bold flavor that no other flavored spirit offers

Bacardi Dragon Berry Rum 1 Litre

Bacardi Dragon Berry has a unique blend of ripe juicy strawberries and sweet, exotic dragonfruit that creates a bold flavor that no other flavored spirit offers

Bacardi Gold Mini 50ml

The rich flavour and golden complexion of Bacardi Gold are developed in toasted oak barrels and its mellow character comes from a secret blend of charcoals. Use for the ultimate Cuba Libre - Bacardi Gold, cola & lime. ABV:40%

Bacardi Gran Melon 50ml

The new taste of watermelon in your most loved Rum formulas! Appreciate at your next gathering!

Bacardi Limon Rum 50ml Mini

A lemon-flavoured variant for the Bacardi range, flavoured with essences of lemon, grapefruit and other citrus fruit and aged for a year. Brilliant in soft drinks and fruit juices. ABV:35%

Bacardi Mango 1000ml

A fusion of juicy mango with an unmistakable citrus zing of orange gives BACARDÍ Mango rum its unique character and flavor. Once you've tasted it, you will never forget it. ABV:35% 1oz Sour Puss Blue 1oz Sour Puss - Raspberry Pour Bacardi (clear) into chilled glass. Mix in Blue and Red Sourpuss liquor. All the ingredients are raspberry flavored. Should have purple colour. Can also prepare w crushed ice and cup of fresh or frozen raspberries in blender. Garnish with raspberries.

Bacardi Mango Rum Mini 50ml

A fusion of juicy mango with an unmistakable citrus zing of orange gives BACARDÍ Mango rum its unique character and flavor. Once you've tasted it, you will never forget it. ABV: 35%

Bacardi Orange Rum Mini 50ml

Infused with the essence of Mandarin Oranges from Sicily, Valencia Oranges from Florida and Dancy Tangerines from Brazil, Israel and Florida. ABV:35%

Bacardi PineApple Rum 50ml

Bacardi Pineapple is a one of a kind product that fuses the sweet notes of pineapple rum with the toasted flavors of coconut rum. With this new flavor, BACARDI delivers an unforgettable taste experience, fusing the attitude and energy of the Caribbean to keep the party going all night long. After all, BACARDI has more than 150 years of experience mastering the craft of rum-making and starting great parties. ABV: 35%

Bacardi Tangerine Rum 50ml

Bacardi Tangerine Flavored Rum is infused with rich tangerine flavors to create a tangy and fresh taste, inspired by the brand’s Caribbean heritage. Bacardi Tangerine is a Bacardi original flavor that’s great as a shot drink or mixed with fruit juices and soda water for a refreshing drink that’s full of flavor. ABV: 35%

Bacardi Torched Cherry Rum 1 Litre

BACARDÍ TORCHED CHERRY Flavored Rum is an exclusive blend of barbados cherry and torched plant aloe, and gives a refreshing kick to cola

Bear Hug Rum Infusion Mango 1 Litre

A tropical paradise infusion. Juicy, sweet, sun-grown mangos artfully merged with Premium five-times distilled plantation virgin Rum from Barbados. Its natural flavors are captured in a bottle and awaiting the moment to savor and satisfy. ABV:21%

Bear Hug Rum Infusion Wild Berry 1 Litre

Luscious, cranberries and blueberries infused with the essence of pomegranate, raspberries, blackberries and Premium five-times distilled Barbados plantation virgin Rum. All the elements intensely infused as one. ABV: 21%

Belvedere Intense Vodka 50% 1 Litre

Belvedere Intense is a higher-strength release of the world-famous vodka. Rich, creamy and concentrated, this has notes of spice, bitter chocolate and crème caramel. ABV: 50%


Brugal Anejo Superior Rum 1 Litre

Color: Amber, bright and clean. Nose: Light aroma of wood with hints of chocolate. Palate: Dry in an overall sense. Buttery in the mouth with a slight hint of caramel and wood tannin. Aftertaste: Long, dry and pleasant. ABV: 40%

Brugal Blanco Especial Rum 1 Litre

Clear rum distilled from fermented molasses. Aged at least one year.. Made from sugar cane molasses from the Dominican Republic, Brugal rums are made in the oldest operating distillery on the island. Founded in 1888, Brugal is the largest distiller and maker of the most popular rums on the island.ABV: 40%

Brugal Especial Extra Dry 1Ltr

A classic clean and dry white rum that is aged for 2-5 years in selected casks and undergoes a triple-filtration, gives it an unparalleled smoothness. Brugal Especial Extra dry will appeal to existing white rum consumers with mature palates looking to move away from sweeter rums and provides an alternative for other white spirit drinkers. ABV: 40%

Brugal XV Reserva Rum 700ml

A well aged, well blended rum from top Dominican producers, Brugal. To create the XV, they use a selection of ex-bourbon casks and casks which have previously held Pedro Ximénez Sherry, aged between 3 and 8 years. ABV: 38%

Cubaney Anejo Especial Rum 700ml

The entry-level expression from the Ron Cubaney rum range. The brand has its roots in Cuba, but moved to the Dominican Republic post-revolution - the distillers did keep some elements of Cuban rum in its DNA. It's a solera-aged expression, suitable for all manner of mixed drinks and cocktails. ABV: 38%

Cubaney Estupendo 15YO Rum 700ml

This drink is perfect to be served straight. The flavour has complex notes of chocolate, vanilla, spices and marzipan. On the palate it finishes very unctuous and lasting. ABV: 38%

Cubaney Magnifico Rum 700ml

The Ron Cubaney range is home to a selection of solera-aged rums - just like this magnificent expression, aptly named "Magnifico". These rums are produced in the Dominican Republic, though the brand has its roots in Cuba. ABV: 38%

Elements 8 Cacao Rum 700ml

Elements Eight Criollo Cacao Rum combines aged St Lucian rum with St Lucian Criollo Cacao beans via infusion in the barrel. This can be served chilled with a twist of orange peel or in various cocktails, for example this will add a chocolatey undertone to an Old Fashioned. ABV: 40%

Elements 8 Exo Spices Rum 700ml

Aged for up to 3 years in Kentucky Bourbon Barrels First "super" premium spiced rum 10 exotic fruits & spices added to barrel during ageing (no artificial essences) – Clove, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Ginger, Nutmeg, Star Anise, Coconut, Orange, Lemon, Honey. Tasting Notes: Full bodied, complex and balanced with every spice clearly distinguishable. Rounded complex nose of honey, clove and chocolate, cut with sweet citrus. Hugely spiced palate with every spice clearly distinguishable. ABV:40%