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Bear Hug Rum Infusion Wild Berry 1 Litre

Luscious, cranberries and blueberries infused with the essence of pomegranate, raspberries, blackberries and Premium five-times distilled Barbados plantation virgin Rum. All the elements intensely infused as one. ABV: 21%

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Baileys Red Velvet Cupcake Limited Edition Irish Cream 700ml

A drink that tastes like a cupcake? It’s what dreams are made of. Red velvet cupcake flavour swirled with mouth-watering Baileys Original Irish Cream and other flavours and ingredients, a cake-inspired liqueur treat straight out of the bakeshop. Enjoy over ice, as a shot or as a grown-up baking boost. You can have your cupcake and drink it too! ABV: 17%

Bacardi White Rum 1000ml

A classic white rum with distinctive vanilla and almond notes developed in white oak barrels and shaped through a secret blend of charcoal for a distinctive smoothness.
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Jack Daniels FOB mixed 5x50ml

Includes one 50ml bottle each of Jack Daniel's Original Old No. 7, Gentleman Jack, Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey, Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Select, and Jack Daniel's Tennessee Fire .


Absolut Voice Limited Edition Bottle Plain Vodka 1 Litre

Bringing the brand's core belief to life, Absolut Voices literally makes waves with a unique bottle design with illustrations of expanding soundwaves on a bottle containing 80% recycled glass. The new release is a celebration of the wavemakers and the trailblazers of the world.

Larios Rose Gin 1ltr

A fruity and citrussy tasting gin with the added intensity of strawberries. Great for drinking in the sunshine

Royal Bison Vokda 700ml

This vodka contains only alcohol and water. The alcohol is of premium quality “Lux premium” and the water from an artesian well with a depth of 220 metres.
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Absolut Limited Edition Movement Vodka 1 Litre

Get Up, and get moving with New Limited-Edition Absolut Movement! Inspired by different walks of life coming together, Absolut Movement celebrates the spirit of mixing together. The bottle’s spiral design reflects this, with 16 swirls meeting in the middle – showing that everyone, everywhere can enjoy moving moments. ABV: 40%

Batched Espresso Martini 750ml

A premium handcrafted ready-made Espresso Martini. Cold brewed with fair trade coffee beans, it's a rich and indulgent treat that is smooth and sweet with a hint of chocolate. Simply pour into a shaker with ice, shake for 20 seconds and pour to enjoy. Convenient, quick, consistent and delicious - pour after pour. ABV: 13.9%

Bear Hug Rum Infusion Mango 1 Litre

A tropical paradise infusion. Juicy, sweet, sun-grown mangos artfully merged with Premium five-times distilled plantation virgin Rum from Barbados. Its natural flavors are captured in a bottle and awaiting the moment to savor and satisfy. ABV:21%
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Brugal Especial Extra Dry 1Ltr

A classic clean and dry white rum that is aged for 2-5 years in selected casks and undergoes a triple-filtration, gives it an unparalleled smoothness. Brugal Especial Extra dry will appeal to existing white rum consumers with mature palates looking to move away from sweeter rums and provides an alternative for other white spirit drinkers. ABV: 40%
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Malfy Rosa Gin 700ml

Distilled in Italy with some of the finest botanicals including handpicked juniper, pink grapefruit, Italian lemons and some fresh Sicilian pink grapefruit. ABV: 41%

Malfy Originale Gin 700ml

Distilled in Italy with some of the finest botanicals including handpicked juniper, sun-ripened Italian lemons and blended with water from the Piedmont region of Italy. ABV: 41%