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Japanese Spirits

AKASHI Black Blended Whisky 500ml

Akin to bourbon with hints of malt, soft and approachable with notes of black cherry and vanilla, balanced on the palate with a silky sweet finish, slightly peated.. ABV: 40%
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AKASHI Red Japanese Blended Whisky 500ml

A smooth, light blend from Eigashima/White Oak/Akashi made from both malt and grain whiskies. ABV: 40%
Previously:  $59.99 $56.99

Hakushu 12yo Jap Whisky 700ml

HAKUSHU 12YEARS OLD Green with herbal notes. Color: Champagne gold Nose: Basil, pine needle and green apple. Palate: Sweet Pear, Mint and Kiwi. Finish: Green tea and subtle smoke.

Hakushu Distillers Reserve Japanese Whisky 700ml

Golden amber color. Aromas and flavors of honeyed raisin toast and spicy nougat with a satiny, fruity-yet-dry medium-to-full body and a long, mouthwatering peppery spice and mineral accented finish.

HIBIKI 12yo Jap Whisky 700ml

Blossoming. Exuberant. A dazzling, echoing roundness. Color shiny amber Nose pineapple, plum, raspberry, honey, hibiscus Palate banana, pomegranate, custard, pink pepper Finish sweet, sour and complex award - HIBIKI 12YEARS OLDaward - HIBIKI 12YEARS OLDaward - HIBIKI 12YEARS OLDaward - HIBIKI 12YEARS OLDaward - HIBIKI 12YEARS OLDaward - HIBIKI 12YEARS OLD

HIBIKI Harmony Whisky 700ml

HIBIKI JAPANESE HARMONY Luminous. Delicate. A transparency that unveils complexity. Color: Amber. Nose: Rose, lychee, hint of rosemary, mature woodiness and sandalwood. Palate: honey-like sweetness, candied orange peel, white chocolate. Finish: subtle, tender long finish with a hint of Mizunara

Mars Cosmo Whisky 750ml

Aged in Sherry, Bourbon and American white oak casks. 'COSMO' is the name of a mountain in the Japan Central Alps close to the Mars distillary. ABV: 43%

Mars Iwai Japanese Whisky 750ml

A rich gold whisky with light, sweet and floral fragrances with notes of sweet pear and dark cacao. Style:Japanese Blended Whisky. Grain Type:Blended Barley/Grains. Aging Cask:3 Years + ABV:40%. Serve:Chilled or Mixed.

Mars Iwai Tradition Whisky 750ML

A rich gold whisky with complex, sweet honey and malt fragrances. Style:Japanese Blended Whisky Grain Type: Blended Barley/Grains. Aging Cask: 3 Years +. ABV:40% Serve:Chilled or Mixed.

Mars Iwai Tradition Wine Cask finish 750ml

Extra aged in ex-red wine casks from their Chateau Mars winery in neighbouring Yamanashi prefecture. ABV: 40%

Mars Komagatake Single Malt Kohiganzakura Whisky 7

The second bottling from the Nature of Shinshu series produced by the eponymous Japanese distillery. The Kohiganzakura honours the cherry blossom prevalent in Japan (and around the distillery itself, in particular!). It's a lightly peated expression, with parts of it matured in casks that previously matured Japanese wine. ABV: 52%


Mars Komagatake Single Malt Shinanotanpopo Whisky

On the nose the fruity notes are expressed first with red fruits and blackberries. In the palate, it is possible to add flowery notes of heady flowers such as lilac and lily of the valley, which with the balance of spicy touches of cinnamon and ginger. Finally it is with a slight bitterness and woody notes of oak that the farandolle ends with a desire to come back for a ride. ABV:52%