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Dark Rum Range

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Dark Rum Range

Havana Club 3YO Anejo RUM 1Ltr

This rum is made for mojito. Havana Club Añejo 3 Año will give your mojito an authentic Cuban taste. A rum with plenty of body, and flavours of tropical fruit, banana, caramelised pear, spice, smoke, chocolate and vanilla.

Havana Club 3YO Anejo RUM 700ml

An anejo Cuban rum and a silver medal winner at the 1996 International Wine and Spirits Competition in London. This 3 year old Havana Club is a key part of good, refreshing daiquiri. The nose is crisp and fresh with notes of marzipan, citrus, allspice, ground ginger, a little lime and gentle oak. The palate is clean and rounded with notes of citrus, vanilla and oak, a little spice and lemon and a delicate nutty note.


Havana Club 7YO Anejo RUM 700ml

Havana Club 7yo is a full-flavoured, rich and sophisticated Cuban rum with a high degree of elegance and class. A deservedly popular rum.

Havana Club Sel De Maestros Triple Barrel Aged Rum

A relaunch of Havana Club's Cuban Barrel Proof edition, Selección de Maestros has benefited from an eye-catching packaging upgrade and is bottled at 45% for extra oomph. The Gold Medal-winning liquid inside Havana Club Selección de Maestros remains the same as for the old Cuban Barrel Proof - as the name suggests, the casks have been hand-picked by the maestros roneros from the company's finest aged stocks. The rums selected by the maestros roneros are finished in special casks chosen for their aromatic properties before being bottled at a higher strength than the standard range for a more intense, immediate flavour on the palate.

Jamaica Cove Black Ginger Rum 700ml

An aged premium, 40% Jamaican Pot and Column Still rum infused with bold ginger and very subtle hints of lemongrass and citrus flavour. A silky, full-bodied black ginger rum that brings a new level of home mixing and bar versatility to rums. Simply put, it is ‘Luscious Rumbustion’. Ginger is the magic ingredient. ABV: 40%

Lambs Navy Rum 1000ml

A Caribbean blend of eighteen rums from various islands including Trinidad and Guyana, Lamb's is a dark, tannic, traditional Navy rum.

Mocambo Art Edition 20 YO Rum 750ml

Objective Notes Very Smooth (on the RnD scale of Harsh-Smooth-Very Smooth-Extremely Smooth) Mocambo's Art Edition 20 Years shows a unique, deep brown color from prolonged aging in oak. Aromas of dried fruit, like raisin, prune are clearly evident, and to a lesser extent one detects a hint of anise, cut hardwood (walnut), and a trace of Madeira-like sweetness. The medium bodied rum tastes of leather, tobacco, charcoal, and a slight bit of anise. Mocambo 20 year old finishes a bit dry after some lingering, and it tapers well. Taster's Opinion Smokey, leathery, charcoal smooth and unique, Mocambo 20 is a pleasant sipping rum, and worth owning simply for the bottle. More importantly, collect this rum for occasionally exposing yourself to a set of flavors that are balanced in an agreeable manner quite distinct from any other rum.

Mocambo Rum 10YO Pistol 200ml

A small pistol-shaped bottle of Mocambo's rather fine Mexican rum. Designed to be reminiscent of the buccaneer pistols used during the Mexican War of Independence, the outcome of which was confirmed in the Treaty of Cordoba, where this rum is produced.

Myers's Dark Rum 1000ml

Dark Brown rum distilled from fermented molasses. in used whisky and bourbon barrels . Heavily colored with caramel, Myers's Dark Rum has become a standard around the world. Bottled at 40% alcohol by volume.

Myers's Dark Rum 750ml

Dark Brown rum distilled from fermented molasses. in used whisky and bourbon barrels . Heavily colored with caramel, Myers's Dark Rum has become a standard around the world. ABV: 40%


Negrita Dark Rhum 1000ml

Dry but smooth, Negrita Dark Signature is well balanced. Its delicate exotic fruit aromas makes it the ideal partner for cocktails.