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Dark Rum Range

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Dark Rum Range

Old Monk Premium Rum 750ml

Old Monk is one of the top selling rums. A velvet smooth dark rum with a hint of vanilla, it has an alcohol content of 38%. Honored the world over, Old Monk had been awarded gold medals at Monde World Selections since 1982. Its a classic 7 yr blended dark rum. With the first drop of Old Monk Rum, the sheer aroma of distilled cane sugar grown in lush green fields of India, stirs up the age old legend. Old Monk Rum is a form of the legendary 'Som-ras' of India's centuries old scriptures--The Drink of Gods and Lords of India.

Old Monk Supreme Rum 750ml

A very handsomely presented, well-matured Indian rum from the Old Monk range, who do not advertise their brand - their reputation comes from word of mouth. This expression, on the older end of their range, comes in a bottle shaped like a monk! A great gift or collectible piece. ABV: 42.8%

Old Monk The Legend Rum 1 LTR

A litre bottle of Old Monk, India’s most famous rum. This quirky bottle is shaped like the head of HG Meakin, a British brewing entrepreneur who moved to India in the late 1800s and founded the company that would go on to produce Old Monk.


Peaky Blinder Black Spiced Rum 40% 700ml

Named after the Peaky Blinders street gang from the later 19th and early 20th Century, this is a black spiced rum that has been blended with various spices to help accentuate the rum's flavour profile. As such, this expression features big ol' helpings of vanilla, clove and flamed orange peel notes. ABV: 40%


Pirates Grog No 13 Rum GB 700ml

Pirate's Grog No. 13 is a marvellous rum that's well suited to enjoying neat or over ice. It's also got a drop-dead grogeous gorgeous bottle with an handsome shiny label...


Pussers British Navy Rum 700ml

Pusser’s Rum, known as the ‘single malt of rum’ is still produced in exact accordance with the Admiralty’s specifications for rum. The blend is the same as it was on British warships, using five West Indian rums (three from Guyana, two from Trinidad) aged for at least 3 years and contains mostly pot-still rum, all within Tortola in the British Virgin Islands. To add extra intrigue, the pot-still is made of wood, the definition of real navy rum. They are artfully blended to create the perfect balance of naturally occurring flavouring compounds known as ‘esters’ and ‘congeners’. Unlike most rums, Pusser’s Rum is all natural and is never artificially flavoured or coloured. The rum is hand-selected for its individual smoothness, flavour and mellow depth. Pusser’s Rum blend is rich and full-bodied, with an unsurpassed smoothness.

Ratu Dark 5YO Rum 700ml

Savoury, smoked oak aromas give way to rich sweetness of caramel, vanilla and tea leaves with a mouth-watering liquorice finish. Aged a minimum of 5 year in charred ex-bourbon American oak casks finished in mocha oak chips. ABV: 40%

Ron Abuelo Anejo 12yo Rum 1ltr

A 12 year old dark rum from Ron Abuelo of Panama. They age their rum in whiskey barrels, which adds a distinct vanilla sweetnses. This 12 year old was launched in 2009, and is elegant, slightly smoky and rich. It was awarded a Gold at the 2009 Ministry of Rum Tasting Competition. ABV: 37.5%

Ron Abuelo Anejo 7yo Rum 750ml

Ron Abuelo 7 An~os is a brilliant amber color in the glass. This is a medium- bodied rum with a soft, round entry featuring hints of fruity caramel, tealeaf and notes of toasted coconut. The nish shows long notes of wood spice and roasted walnut.

Skipper Dark Rum 700ml

A traditional Guyanian dark rum with the unique stamp of quality ‘Demerara’. Distilled from sugar-cane and molasses, aged in oak casks before blending. Packed full of caramel, treacle, vanilla and toffee flavours. ABV: 40%

Soul Dark Rum 500ml

Originally from the oldest Rum Distillery in the world this Caribbean Rum is a classic dark golden rum. NOTES: Toffee, butterscotch, chocolates with tobacco tones. Initially desert forward, blending into creamy toffee and coffee with hints of caramel and cracked peppercorn. Serve neat over ice as a sipping Rum. Substitute vodka in a Moscow Mule, with ginger beer, ginger ale or in creamy cocktails. ABV: 37.5%

Spytail Ginger Rum 750ml

Spytail Black Ginger Rum - Caribbean Rum blended and bottled in Cognac, France. Spytail is based on a 19th Century traditional recipe of aging fresh ginger root and spices in barrels of Rum - resulting in a rich, spicy and complex spirit. Spytail is named after a legendary submarine - plans for which were discovered by our distillers. The first mechanical submarines in the world were invented in France - and tested on the Charente River which flows nearby our distillery. These were the submarines which Jules Vernes used as the inspiration for his famous novel - 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Spytail Black Ginger Rum is delicious neat, on ice, with coke, ginger ale, ginger beer or as an ingredient in your favorite rum cocktail. ABV: 42%