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BornHolmer Akvavit 40% 700ml

Akvavit (pronunciation: ack-va-vit) is a flavoured spirit that is popular throughout Scandinavia. Its name comes from aqua vitae, Latin for "water of life". The classic Bornholmer Akvavit is a clear spirit with a lingering finish of caraway and dill. Region / Country: Denmark Varietal: Schnapps Volume: 700ml
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BornHolmer Traditions Gold Akvavit 700ml

A rich and golden spirit from the traditional recipe of 1855. Soft and pleasant with a mild taste of dill, herbs and a touch of honey.
Previously:  $31.99 $24.99

Bruichladdich 7.1 Octomore Scottish Barley SM Whis

Nose: The first waves bring a combination of sea spray, spindrift, wet sea weed and hints of oily iodine. Then peat smoke with cracked black peppercorn and as the spirit reveals itself, stunning notes of heather flowers, lemon balm and water mint. Its like watching a spiritual weaver create a tapestry from the Hebrides itself. Palate: As the spirit breathes in the glass a subtle change takes place. Rising steadily comes the crisp, malted barley then the sweet oak, giving notes of vanilla, toasted rye bread and walnuts. Add a burst of fresh lime, poached apple and pear from distillation whilst always in the background the steady rhythm of the sea painting pictures in your mind of a people and place who know that single malt is the stuff of life, sustaining them for generations. Finish: The senses will celebrate this genial, warm, thrilling experience long after the glass is empty. You will know that you have been on a journey by the warmth in your heart and the spirit in your soul.

Previously:  $184.99 $174.99

Chambord Flavoured Vodka 700m

Chambord Flavoured Vodka 700m Chambord, the world-renowned black raspberry liqueur, introduces a groundbreaking new taste experience in Chambord Flavoured Vodka. Chambord Flavoured Vodka delivers the floral aromatics of the hibiscus flower with notes of vanilla, white chocolate and the distinctive flavour of the original Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur, delivering a unique and satisfying taste experience when enjoyed straight or in a wide variety of cocktails.
Previously:  $47.99 $44.99

Cointreau Noir Liqueur 700ml

TASTING NOTES:- Appearance: Deep amber Nose : Vibrant peppery aromas of orange zest, chocolate covered almond, a creamy vanilla Body : Satiny entry to a glycerous moderately sweet full body Finish: A long, spicy, hot white pepper and mineral fade. Notes : Minerality,Pepper, Spicy, Vanilla
Previously:  $64.99 $59.99

Cossack Nz Vodka 1000ml

Don Cossack is neutral in flavor, but burns a good bit on the way down. In the mouth, I noticed a slight moisture removal that is common in vodkas, and is very disconcerting.
Previously:  $36.99 $32.99

DQ Vodka 1000ml

Produced in Sweden (home of Absolut Vodka) using locally grown winter wheat. According to the producer’s notes, the distillery employs a unique fermentation and distillation process that essentially eliminates the need of charcoal filtering; due to removal of impurities in the early stages of production- little more information can be offered unfortunately. The end result is undoubtedly one of the more impressive bottles we've seen on the shelf – both visually and qualitatively - not to mention a great conversation starter amongst guests. Spin the bottle, nuclear style? Tasting note: Crystal clear. Almost gin-like with distinct citrus peel aromatics becoming more meringue and cream like with exposure. Light to medium bodied. Clean, creamy and dry with faint fruity / grainy flavours. Gently tingly spirit finish. Concludes dry and fresh. 40% Alc./Vol.
Previously:  $94.99 $84.99

Finlandia Vodka BlackCurrent 700ml

Unmistakably fruity, with a pleasantly lingering aftertaste... welcome to Finlandia Blackcurrant flavored vodka. The blackcurrant is native to Finland, so we're ideally placed to recognize one of the world's most succulent berries and its unique tartness. We combine our blackcurrant flavor with vodka made from the purest glacial spring water and our finest six-row barley. The result is a premium flavor as natural and pure as Finland itself.
Previously:  $34.99 $29.99

FireStarter Premium Vodka 750ml

Using only the best winter wheat from Moldovia’s rolling hills adjacent to the Black Sea, Firestarter Vodka comes west bringing tradition and world class smoothness born from a brilliant 19th century recipe.
Previously:  $54.99 $49.99

Hamiltons Highlands Single Malt Whisky 700ml

Hamiltons HLD SM Whisky 700ml
Previously:  $44.99 $41.99

Hamiltons LowLands Single Malt Whisky 700ml

Hamiltons LL SM Whisky 700ml
Previously:  $44.99 $41.99

Hamiltons Speyside Single Malt Whisky 700ml

Hamiltons SPS SM Whisky 700ml
Previously:  $44.99 $41.99

Pinnacle Vodka Citrus 750ml

We've managed to take the zesty mist from peeling fresh citrus and bottle it. Splash this refreshing citrus vodka into lemon-lime or club soda for a punch of bright flavor.
Previously:  $34.99 $29.99

Pinnacle Vodka Cookie Dough 750ml

With gooey vanilla batter and hints of sweet chocolate chips baked in, this vodka lets you lick the bowl guilt-free. Use it to whip up some new vodka martini recipes, or try it as a shot or shake and discover your new favorite indulgence.
Previously:  $34.99 $29.99

Pinnacle Vodka KiwiStrawberry 750ml

Find a moment of summer freshness in our sweet, juicy kiwi and jammy strawberry vodka. Try it with lemon-lime soda or fruit punch to add a bright fruity twist
Previously:  $34.99 $29.99

Pinnacle Vodka Strawberry ShortCake 750ml

An aroma of sweet berry carries through this distinct strawberry shortcake vodka, finishing with satisfying notes of toasty pastry. Mix up a festive cocktail with soda or fruit juice.
Previously:  $34.99 $29.99

Pinnacle Vodka Whipped 750ml

This delicate Whipped vodka starts out smooth and goes down even smoother. Add a light whip of creamy vanilla to your favorite fruit juice or hot chocolate for a vodka drink dessert that won't spoil your dinner.
Previously:  $34.99 $29.99

Puschkin Vodka 700ml

Pushkin vodka is named after one of russia's most famous authors and poets, alexander pushkin. This vodka is a testimony to his great reputation as a writer.Pushkin vodka has a classic, smooth taste that comes from the finest natural ingredients and the purest spring water.This vodka honors alexander pushkin's memory by being as excellent a vodka as he was a poet and writer.? PRICE AND ORDER
Previously:  $34.99 $29.99

Red Square Sloe Vodka 700ml

Bursting with vibrant sloe berry flavour and a sweet almond finish, Red Square Sloe is made with 7 times distilled, 100% grain vodka. Its bold flavour can be enjoyed neat, with a mixer or in your favourite cocktail. Mixing Option: Sloe Collins- • 50ml Red Square Sloe • 25ml fresh lemon juice • 5ml sugar syrup • Soda • Fresh mint • Lemon wedge/ Mix 50ml Red Square Sloe in a tall glass with 25ml fresh lemon juice, 5ml sugar syrup and some crushed ice. Stir well, top with soda, and garnish with mint and a wedge of lemon
Previously:  $29.99 $24.99

Red Square Toffee Vodka 700ml

Indulgent creamy toffee with a deliciously light caramel finish. Made with 7 times distilled, 100% grain vodka, Red Square Toffee is perfectly balanced to drink straight, with a mixer or in your favourite cocktail. Mixing Option: Toffee Embrace- • 25ml Red Square Toffe • 25ml chocolate liqueur • 50ml Milk • 50ml single cream • Chocolate curls/ Mix 25ml Red Square Toffee in a glass with 25ml chocolate liqueur, 50ml milk and 50ml single cream. Add a scoop of ice, pour into a Boston shaker and shake well. Strain into a martini glass and garnish with chocolate curls/
Previously:  $29.99 $24.99

Southern Comfort Lime 700ml

Southern Comfort Liqueur is called variably a flavored whiskey or a liqueur, often depending upon the proof, which can come from 100 all the way down to 40. We have opted to list it at 70 proof as the most common spirit available in the United States and a liqueur rather than a flavored whiskey due to its sweetness and dramatic flavors. Southern Comfort is the oldest whiskey liqueur available on the market flavored with peaches and other citrus flavors. As a sweeter, softer product it has become popular in numerous mixed drinks. It was originally produced in 1850 by Irish-born M.W. Heron in New Orleans. His original intent was to make rougher whiskeys coming down river from Tennessee and Kentucky more palatable. He did this by flavoring it with fruit and other flavorings--the birth of "Soco." Southern Comfort Lime was just released in May 2010. The folks at Brown-Forman decided that they'd do the mixing work for us.
Previously:  $31.99 $27.99

Stolichnaya Raspberry Vodka 700ml

An intense nose of raspberry jam, boiled sweets, and hot berry fruit infusions. The palate has less jammy sweetness than raspberry ripple creaminess, balanced by the sweet spice of rye and wheat grain vodka, and lifted by a crisp citrus note and hints of pepper and wild raspberry cane on the finish.
Previously:  $29.99 $24.99