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Asahi Super Dry 12pk Btls 5% 330ml

Brewed in various locations. European Asahi is brewed in Staropramen. North American Asahi is brewed in Molson's Vancouver brewery. Ingredients: Water, barley, corn, hops, rice. "Fresh, crisp and clear - with a sharp delivery that slakes thirst before slipping gently on.
Previously:  $24.99 $21.99

Becks Lager 12pk Bottles 330ml

Becks is instantly recognisable by its crisp fresh palate & slightly bitter aroma. Becks adheres to the 1516 law that states the only ingredients that may be used in beer are hops, barley, water & yeast. Now Brewed locally in NZ.
Previously:  $22.99 $19.99

Boundary Road Flying Fortress Ale 6pk Btls 330ml

Flying Fortress Ale symbolises everything great about beer: a big taste, a graceful aroma and two massive engines on each wing. The malts are Pale Ale combined with chocolate and caramel variants while the hops are NZ Motueka and Pacific Jade. Ardmore Airport, just 5km from the brewery, was originally built for these beautiful behemoths. Adjust your helmet and strap yourself in.
Previously:  $14.99 $12.99

Budweiser 5% 12pk btls 355ml

For more than 133 years, the brewing process and the taste of Budweiser has remained unchanged. Budweiser has withstood the test of time and truly is the perfect combination of flavor and refreshment.
Previously:  $22.99 $19.99

Coopers Prem Lager 6pk Cans 375ml

A true lager with a Coopers sensibility, Coopers Premium Lager delivers a refreshing flavour, with a good balance of malt and hop characters. ABV: 4.8%
Previously:  $15.99 $8.99

Corona Mexican Beer 18pk btls 355ml

The number one imported beer in the USA and Australia. Brewed in Mexico, it has been the number one selling beer for many years and is their leading export. Corona has a mild, crisp, dry taste with a refreshing fruity palate, often enjoyed with a wedge of lime.

DB Draught 24pk btls 330ml

DB Draught is the drop that is more rewarding than any other. The brand embodies typical kiwi values of strength, honesty, hard work and loyalty, and loves to reward great mates. The fact that it's a great tasting, easy drinking, full-flavoured beer only further adds to DB Draught's strong following across New Zealand. DB Draught has a crystal-clear, copper gold colour with a malty and slightly nutty flavour to balance the mild, aromatic hop aromas and clean bitterness. The beer is very smooth with a long finish and hints of caramel flavours in the aftertaste.
Previously:  $35.99 $34.99

DB Export Gold 24pk Btls330ml

Export Gold is brewed using only New Zealand’s finest malted barley, hops and pure spring water. This golden lager is of moderate strength and is characterised by having a pleasant, slightly fruity flavour that is balanced by delicate late hop characters and a crisp clean bitterness in its finish. Export Gold is best served ice cold to enhance its high drinkability and refreshing flavours. Export Gold on tap is micro filtered, not pasteurized, which means its natural freshness is retained longer than other beers. It has an ABV of 4%, and won a Silver medal at the 2010 Monde Selection awards – capping off a great result for the Export family of beers.
Previously:  $35.99 $34.99

DB Flame 15pk Cans 330ml

Extreme measures go into making this popular beer. In fact the process used to make Flame is called 'extreme brewing'. Malt and hops are first subjected to extreme heat and then concentrated to retain the flavour. The process ends with the beer being 'crash cooled' to sub-zero temperatures resulting in a smoother, easy drinking, full strength beer. Flame is a moderately bittered, full-bodied lager style beer. The beer is nicely balanced and has light refreshing fruity notes in the flavour and aftertaste. Whether it's hot or cold outside, Flame is a favourite of those who appreciate a well-crafted unique beer.

Double Brown 18pk cans 330ml

Double Brown is a popular full-flavoured brown beer. Available in distinct cans, bottles and on tap, Double Brown is a reasonably priced beer typically enjoyed by mates in a variety of settings.

Monteiths Barber Lager 12pk Btls 330ml

Smooth lager malt background. A carefully selected blend of NZ, German and US hops deliver tempting notes of citrus and tropical fruit. Moderately bitter with crisp clean aftertaste. ABV: 5%
Previously:  $25.99 $22.99

NZ Pure 12pk Bottles 5% 330ml

NZ PURE is a premium, naturally brewed 5% lager that contains no additives or preservatives. NZ PURE - Purify your world.
Previously:  $19.99 $16.99

Peroni Nastro Azzuro 12pk Btls 330ml

Peroni Nastro Azzurro is an intensely crisp and refreshing lager with an unmistakable touch of Italian style brewed in Italy to the original recipe conceived in 1963. Crisp and lightly sparkling, its unique taste is refreshing and dry with a clear-cut, clean character. 5.1% ABV
Previously:  $24.99 $21.99

Speights Gold 24pk Btls 330ml

Speight's encapsulates the needs of thirsty yet discerning Southern Men. Probably the least sweet of all New Zealand mainstream brown beers, this characteristic allows the full flavour of the malt and hops to shine through. Speight's Gold Medal Ale is a great accompaniment to any meat dish and is superb with gamey Southern dishes such as venison, duck and rabbit.
Previously:  $39.99 $32.99

Steinlager Black 12pk Bottles 330ml

Since 1958 Steinlager has been a pioneer in the creation of world class premium lagers in New Zealand. Born from a challenge to produce a Kiwi-brewed lager of international quality, Steinlager Classic stands alone as NZ’s most internationally acclaimed beer. In 2007 Steinlager Pure reinvigorated the premium lager market again with pure New Zealand ingredients and fresh, clean design. In 2016 Steinlager Tokyo Dry showcased collaboration and innovation, blending New Zealand’s raw ingredients with Japanese brewing mastery. In 2018, 60 years after Steinlager was born, Steinlager Black reimagines the classic lager. Dark and mysterious in colour, yet bright and crisp in flavour. Don’t be fooled by the dark and mysterious appearance: subtle dark malt notes hint at the colour, but Steinlager Black is a crisp, refreshing lager. You may recognise the distinctive bite of the Green Bullet hop, which we’ve dry-hopped for additional aroma and flavour.

Steinlager Classic 24pk btls 5% 330ml

At the heart of Steinlager Classic is the idea of challenge. Steinlager Classic's international award-winning taste is envied by brewers the world over. Steinlager Classic has a robust hop nose of fresh-cut green grass and a full flavour delivered by the green bullet hop, grown in Nelson at 41 degrees latitude, the perfect hop-growing location. The body of Steinlager Classic delivers a full flavour that is perfectly balanced with a dry, tangy finish and crisp clean bitterness Steinlager Classic was born from a challenge. In 1958, the infamous Black Budget cut beer imports and the challenge was put out to New Zealand brewers to produce a lager of international quality. The response was Steinlager Classic - and half a century on it is firmly established as New Zealand's top-selling premium beer.

Steinlager Tokyo 12pk Bottles 330ml

New Zealand’s raw ingredients meet Japanese brewing mastery. The result is a collision of two cultures in the best possible way. A smooth, refreshing super dry lager that's brilliantly clear and crisp. A traditional New Zealand lager, brewed longer for a super dry Japanese style.
Previously:  $24.99 $27.99

Waikato Draught 24pk btls 5% 330ml

Waikato draught was first brewed in 1925 and has been one of the biggest selling beers in the region ever since. Willie the waiter, a cartoon character used to promote the beer was created in 1945. At this time Waikato Draught was selling 400,000 gallons of beer each year and was being brewed from the Innes Family Waikato Brewery. In 1961 New Zealand Breweries(later to become Lion Nathan) acquired Waikato Breweries from CL Innes.The brewery stayed open in Hamilton until 1987 when it was closed down. From this time production of Waikato Draught was moved to the Lion Breweries in Newmarket, Auckland. The manufacturer claims that Waikato Draught has a strong malty flavour with a well-defined bitterness. They refer to a smooth and clean texture, and a hoppy and spicy aroma. The manufacturer also suggests that the robust ale flavours are a good match with hearty meat and potato meals.
Previously:  $39.99 $32.99