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DE Kuyper Strawberry Schnapps 700ml

De Kuyper Strawberry Schnapps is light pink in colour. It has the rich aroma of real strawberries. Its flavour is well balanced and captures the taste of wild strawberries.

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Zumwohl Feijoa Schnapps 750ml

Zumwohl Feijoa has taken everything that’s great about New Zealand feijoas and distilled it into a delicate and fragrant feijoa spirit. Subtlety is the secret to Zumwohl Feijoa’s crisp, fresh taste. Perfect served ice-cold as a shot, Zumwohl Feijoa also makes a refreshing long summer drink served over ice with a dash of dry lemonade.

Lewis Rd Chocolate Cream 700ml

Lewis Road Creamery's mission to prove that New Zealand can produce dairy products to rival the best in the world with the launch of their fabulous Chocolate Cream Liqueur. Combining their passion for dairy with their penchant for chocolate, Lewis Road Creamery Chocolate Cream Liqueur is the perfect smooth and creamy blend of fresh New Zealand cream and real, rich chocolate with a touch of triple distilled premium spirits for a truly adult treat. Their bottle draws its inspiration from the very first milk bottles produced in the 1880s. Each bottle contains the Oritain traceability seal to certify authenticity and origin. Tasting Notes Nose: Fresh Hazelnut, white pepper, creamy cashew & cacao Palate: Velvety mouth feel & creamy decadence developing into warm spice and rich layers of chocolate.

Big Bucket Margarita Mix 2.84L

Master Mixes makes the perfect Margarita! Try the bucket today - simply add one bottle of tequila and you have nearly one gallon of margaritas to enjoy! Put in the fridge for a margarita on the rocks and the freezer for a frozen treat.

Passion Pop Mixed Berry 750ml

A Passion fruit sparkling wine, lower in alcohol and a very popular drink for summer outings that requires a beverage which is a little more fun and has a little more zest to it. Enjoy with chicken and seafoods accompanied with a salad dish of your liking.

42 Below Manuka Honey Vodka 700ml

42BELOW Manuka Honey Vodka is very distinctive, with a strong scent of honey, caramel, beeswax and butterscotch. A gold medal winner, on the palate, it is spicy and smoky with a touch of sweetness and a warm rich aftertaste. It also has hints of scotch whisky and a touch of liquorice. The Manuka Honey flavour is beautiful served on the rocks. And if it works with honey, it will work with Manuka Honey flavoured vodka.
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42 Below Feijoa Vodka 700ml

It has a unique aroma of mint, apple and fresh feijoa and an intense flavour with notes of lime, guava, pear and pepper, with a crisp finish.
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DE Kuyper Pina Colada Liqueur 700ml

De Kuyper Pina Colada is an exotic drink mix with fresh rum, pineapple and coconut. Enjoy ice cold neat, on the rocks, with cream or icecream or in a cocktail of your creation. ABV: 14.5% Alc. Vol. :14.5%

Safari Exotic Fruit Liqueur 700ml

Safari is an exotic-fruit liqueur spirit with flavors of maracuya, mango, papaya, lemon and lime. Alc. Vol.:20%

Sourz Blackcurrent Schnapps 700ml

This Blackcurrant flavoured drink is the newest addition to the highly successful Sourz range. Sourz Blackcurrant Liqueur can be enjoyed in this way, straight and thrown back.

Bacardi White Rum 1000ml

A classic white rum with distinctive vanilla and almond notes developed in white oak barrels and shaped through a secret blend of charcoal for a distinctive smoothness.

Archers Peach Schnapps 1000ml

Archers Peach Schanpps is a clear, sweet, peach-flavoured liqueur with a very distinctive peach aroma.