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Canterbury Cream Original 700ml

An exquisite balance of spirit blended with full bodied New Zealand cream results in the smooth taste of Canterbury Cream. A well rounded Irish Cream flavoured liqueur with hints of chocolate, caramel and vanilla. Canterbury Cream is effortlessly drinkable and best served on ice or blended with your favourite cafe beverage.

Long White Vodka Feijoa 10pk Bottles 320ml

Finding the perfect drink during the warmer months can be difficult, especially if a glass of wine goes straight to your head on a hot day or beer just makes you feel bloated (and no one wants to look like a beached whale during summer). Try Long White - with its triple-distilled vodka and naturally flavoured NZ sparkling water, it's set to become your new best friend this summer. It's light and refreshing, and made with apple juice and locally sourced ingredients such as Keri Keri lemons and Hawkes Bay apples. So when the sun is out, the sand is hot and you're hanging out at the beach, on the deck, by the pool or at the bach, Long White is the perfect way to enjoy the summer months and give you those all-important memories to savour during the depths of winter.

Corona 12pk Bottles 355ml

The number one imported beer in the USA and Australia. Brewed in Mexico, it has been the number one selling beer for many years and is their leading export. Corona has a mild, crisp, dry taste with a refreshing fruity palate, often enjoyed with a wedge of lime.


Yealands Merlot 750ml

This Merlot has concentrated notes of plum, dark berries, and underlying cassis. The palate is soft with finely balanced supple tannins and a rich lingering finish.

WhiteCliff Pinot Noir 750ml

A strawberry, candied, mushroom nose adorns a light-coloured pinot; almost a dark blush. In the mouth, the wine lacks texture, it is very lightweight and has no presence whatsoever. Insipid would be an apt descriptor. The palate is awash with sweet, strawberry flavours that become reminscent of cordial on the unsubstantial, barely perceptible tannin finish. There is an element of tartness that comes through on the finish to counterpoint the sweetness, though neither of these characters gel.

Selaks Reserve Merlot Cabernet 750ml

Colour: Deep red with purple hues. Nose: A rich, intense nose of ripe plum and blackberry, with spicy oak notes. Palate: Ripe and well rounded, with sweet plum and berry notes, smooth tannins, and a long, complex finish. This soft, supple wine is a classic expression of Hawke’s Bay Merlot Cabernet. With a bouquet of wild berries and a hint of spice, it displays flavours of ripe blackberry and plum with subtle oak. The finish is long and satisfying.