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Bollinger Rose Champagne Brut NV 750ml

A subtle combination of structure, length and vivacity, with a tannic finish due to the adjunction of red wine Bubbles as fine as velvet Flavours of wild berries. ABV: 12%

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Glenlivet Illicit 12YO Still Single Malt Scotch Whisky 700ml

A limited edition series matured and bottled in Scotland. Before George Smith licensed his distillery in 1824, the Glenlivet valley was full of illicit whisky trade. This limited edition is inspired by our founder's original and illegally distilled, Glenlivet whisky. ABV: 48%

Sipsmith London Dry Gin 700ml

The quintessential classic. Copper pot distilled in London's first distillery for 200 years. Stunningly smooth, full of character & exploding with flavour; this is Gin made the way it used to be. ABV:41.6%

Monkey 47 Premium Schwarzwald Dry Gin 500mL

Admittedly, it appears somewhat eccentric to claim that a recipe for gin has the power to unite great British traditions, the exoticness of India, and the purity and nativeness of the Black Forest. And yet it is precisely this eccentricity that defines the enigmatic character of Montgomery Collins, from whom our Schwarzwald Dry Gin originates. His childhood as the son of a diplomat in East Asia, his military career among the ruins of Berlin, and his late-adopted home in the Black Forest supply the autobiographical background for a recipe that represents an audacious combination of native Black Forest herbs and berries and exotic Asian botanicals. A good third of the ingredients for this special gin come from the Black Forest and are definitely not what you would call typical gin flavorings! In total, 47 handpicked ingredients, prepared in extremely soft spring water from our own Black Forest source, give MONKEY 47, whose piece de resistance is the use of local cranberries as some sort of "secret weapon" typical to the Black Forest, its unrivaled complexity and quality, which is fully brought to bear through masterly distillation and maturing in traditional earthenware containers. Whether with tonic, as a sling, martini, or gimlet, the unique and complex taste of Monkey 47 is an ideal basis for both classics and more eccentric cocktails. With the distinct and pure scent of juniper, a tangy and crisp citrus note, a sweet, floral aroma, a hint of peppery spices, subtle bitter fruit, and a deep and harmoniously balanced complexity with a tremendously racy finish!
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Metaxa 12 Star Brandy 700ml

Since 1888, the House of Metaxa has been on a journey to offer one of the smoothest and most pleasurable amber spirits under the sun. METAXA 12 Stars is the refined expression of this journey. This one-of-a-kind amber spirit unfolds a very complex character, with subtle aromatic notes of toasted oak wood, orange peel and spices. Created by the fifth Metaxa Master, Constantinos Raptis, METAXA 12 Stars, results from the unique craftsmanship of ageing and blending wine distillates and Muscat wines, exclusively from the island of Samos. ABV: 40%