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Fortified Imported Range

Sandeman 10YO Port 750ml

TASTING: The intense red tawny colour with shades of brick, typical of this style of aged yet youthful wine, anticipates the elegant and complex aroma, combining ripe fruit, jam and nuts, with hints of vanilla and raisins. In the mouth, Sandeman Porto Tawny 10 Years Old is a most flavoursome wine, full-bodied and appealing, with a persistent finish.

Sandeman 20YO Port 750ml

TASTING: A rich yet elegant combination of flavours - dried apricots, honey, nuts, spices, vanilla - creates an endlessly complex wine that unfolds smoothly and develops in the mouth.

Sandeman 30YO Tawny Port 750ml

Old gold amber colours with the intense aromas of honey and spices, underscored with deep flavours of dried apricots, hazelnuts and vanilla, creating a rich yet elegant combination. ABV:20%

Sandeman 40YO Tawny Port 750ml

Intense and deeply flavoured, with a massive bouquet suggesting vanilla, oak and honey, and a mouthful of very complex flavours of dried fruits, spices, and nuts. ABV: 20%

Sandeman Fino Dry Secco Sherry 750ml

Light, fruity and delicate on the palate with a fresh, dry finish it is perfect as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to seafood. Pale straw yellow in colour, with shades of green and gold, Sandeman Dry Seco is light, fruity and delicate on the palate with a fresh, dry finish which males it perfect as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to seafood. A perfect accompaniment to seafood, oriental cuisine, or sushi, Sandeman Dry Seco is a good match to salty appetisers and perfect as an aperitif.

Sandeman FoundersRes Porto 750ml

Intense ruby red colour, brilliant and clean. Rich red fruit aromas with a touch of age create an elegant reflection of powerful flavours, the fruit and fire characteristic of young classic Porto balanced with the finesse of age. ABV: 20%

Sandeman Medium Sherry 750ml

TASTING: Mildly aromatic, with an amber colour of copper and gold, Sandeman Sherry Medium Dry is very harmonious to the taste. An agreeable touch of sweetness from the first moment gives way to a nutty flavours and a long clean finish.

Sandeman Ruby Porto 750ml

TASTING: Brilliant red ruby in colour, with clean aromas of red fruits, plums and strawberries, Sandeman Porto Ruby has full rich flavours and is very well balanced. Rich, round, balanced in the mouth, with overt flavours of fresh plums and red fruits.

Sandeman Tawny Porto 750ml

TASTING: Clear red amber colours with a light intense body, open up to aromas of vanilla and evolved dried fruits. The elegant harmony and fresh flavour of red fruits unfold in the mouth and combine with the complexity of wood ageing and a good finish.

Sandeman White Porto 750ml

TASTING: A pale straw colour, Sandeman Porto White has a tropical fruit aroma with slight vanilla notes and light fresh flavour, crisp characteristics combined with a hint of natural sweetness.

Taylors 10YO Tawny Port 750ml

Deep brick colour with amber rim. Rich and elegant nose combining aromas of ripe berry fruit with a delicate nuttiness and subtle mellow notes of chocolate, butterscotch and fine oak wood. Smooth and silky on the palate and full of ripe figgy, jammy flavours which persist on the long finish.

Taylors 20YO Premium Tawny Port 750ml

Intense amber tawny colour. Opulent and voluptuous nose of complex spicy, jammy and nutty aromas, hints of orange flower and a fine oakiness coming from the long period of aging in cask. The palate is full of very rich and concentrated flavour and has a long mellow finish