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Peat's Beast Pedro Ximenez Sherrywood Finish Batch Strength Scotch Whisky 700ml

Batch strength. Finished for 6 months in Pedro Ximinez Casks. Taste: subtle sweet notes of dates and figs with the sweet hues of Spanish Sherry; an absolute juxtaposition between dry peat smoke and rum and raisin ice cream, a quite sublime dram. On the palate a real peat bite but wrapped in a gorgeous warm coat of dates, figs, hints of clove and vanilla. The peat fire stays at the back of the throat but there are strong notes of chocolate, sweet rum and raisin ice cream, burnt caramel. Incredibly long finish. Nose: Damp smoke, peat, TCP, seaweed then morphing into sweet syrupy burnt sugar notes from the Sherry cask. ABV: 54.1%
Previously:  $99.99 $92.99

Ron Abuelo Anejo 7yo Rum 750ml

Ron Abuelo 7 An~os is a brilliant amber color in the glass. This is a medium- bodied rum with a soft, round entry featuring hints of fruity caramel, tealeaf and notes of toasted coconut. The nish shows long notes of wood spice and roasted walnut.
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Ron Barcelo Anejo Rum 750ml

Ron Barcelo Anejo Rum is reminiscent of Toffee, pickling spices and lanolin on the nose. A smooth entry leads to a well rounded, slightly fruity dry medium-bodied palate with roasted nut, dark caramel and vanilla bean. Ending with a delicious buttered nut, spice, caramel fade, Ron Barcelo Anejo rum is hedonistic aged Caribbean rum. ABV: 37.5%
Previously:  $39.99 $37.19

Ron Barcelo Blanco Rum 1000ml

A white rum from the Ron Barceló range, produced in the Dominican Republic. It spends one year in oak barrels, before it is barrelled, allowing it to develop some more character and flavour. ABV: 37.5%
Previously:  $49.99 $46.49

Ron Barcelo Gran Anejo Rum 750ml

Barceló was born in 1929 with the vision of a decanter Julian Barceló, young Spanish entrepreneur, founded Barceló & Co. in the city of Santo Domingo in 1930. The brand quickly became a reference between local rums and one of the largest and most prestigious Dominican enterprises. A step up from the standard-issue anejo, Ron Barceló Gran Anejo is an exquisitely smooth, sweet Dominican rum with flavours of espresso beans and manuka honey. The Ron Barceló Gran Anejo is the ideal mixer and works tremendously well in a variety of dark rum cocktails. ABV: 35.7%
Previously:  $44.99 $41.84

Ron Barcelo Imperial GB 700ml

Result of the finest selection of cane in the Caribbean. Noble Family Reserve born from a rigorous respect for time and traditions. High range rum whose quality lies in several key factors: monitoring sugar cane production, the use of the purest water, ageing in new American white oak barrels in ideal climatic conditions found in the Dominican Republic and 70 years of experience blending the finest rums. Tasting notes: Bright copper-amber color. Aromas of buttercream, dried cherries, intense vanilla, pineapple jam and caramelized walnuts followed smoothly by a dry fruity lush medium body, full of depth and balance. Ending on a note of carrot cake, kola nut, mocha and a strong toasted flavor that slowly fades. Perfect Serve: The ideal way to enjoy Ron Barceló Imperial is neat or on the rocks with a pod of natural vanilla. Fully appreciate its Dominican origin, inheritance and excellence on a Burgundy glass. ABV: 40%
Previously:  $59.99 $55.79

Royal Bison Vokda 700ml

This vodka contains only alcohol and water. The alcohol is of premium quality “Lux premium” and the water from an artesian well with a depth of 220 metres.
Previously:  $49.99 $46.49

Scarabus By HunterLaing 700ml

Scarabus, an Islay Single Malt for those with a curious mind and an eye for detail. A whisky bold and honest about its origins and just a little mysterious about everything else. Tasting Note: Islay peat smoke and sea salt on the nose, followed by warming leather notes, stewed rhubarb and a wonderful vanilla sweetness in the mouth, leading to a rich lingering finish.
Previously:  $74.99 $69.74

Smirnoff Blue 50% Vodka 1 ltr

Smirnoff Blue Label is the super-premium member of the Smirnoff family. Produced using demineralized and filtered water, this vodka is triple distilled and filtered through activated charcoal to achieve the prerequisite smoothness and purity prior to bottling. The charcoal for the filtration process is selected from a sustainable source of hardwood trees such as maple, birch or beech). These procedures ensure a clean, clear crisp result with a clean, grainy nose and a hint of sweetness. The result is a distinctive vodka that is both sweet and strong with a hint of vanilla. Also referred to as 'Formula 57', Blue Label is a higher-proof compared to the Red Label. Blue Label works well with any mixer, is the perfect base for a martini or other vodka creations. Tasting Note: Clean, clear and crisp vodka with a clean, grainy nose and a hint of sweetness. Both sweet and strong with a hint of vanilla.
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The Observatory 2OYO Single Grain Scotch Whisky 700ml

The Observatory 20 year old is a Single Grain whisky from the Macduff distillery. It is a nod to the numerous lighthouses and observatories that safeguard the 10.250 miles of Scottish coast line, each with their own mysteries. In the shadow of the Macduff lighthouse lies the Macduff distillery, from which this exceptionally well-aged 20 year old whisky has been retrieved.
Previously:  $99.99 $92.99