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Part Time Rangers African Elephant 10pk Cans 330ml

As the second drink to White Rhino, Part Time Rangers wouldn’t settle for mediocre. After a whole lot of trial and error, they think they've created the ideal “vodka, lime and soda” for a Saturday afternoon in the sun. Again, only 3 natural ingredients; triple distilled vodka and real lime juice, topped off with pure sparkling water. Less than 1 gram of sugar too. After their charity expanded their efforts into Kenya’s elephant poaching ring, Part Time Rangers naturally had to join. Crack into an icy cold African Elephant, and you’ll be joining the fight too, but from the comfort of your own backyard.

Part Time Rangers Great White Shark 10pk Cans 330ml

Great White Shark - It's White Rum, Apple, Lime & Sparkling Water. 10% of the profits from these go towards Shark conservation and cleaning our oceans.

Part Time Rangers Pink Rhino Gin 4pk Cans 330ml

Introducing the Pink Rhino. A gin, raspberry, strawberry and sparkling water ready-to-drink cocktail that tastes a bit like jam. This new drop is in support of Rhinos Without Borders, with 10% of profits going towards translocating rhinos to safe havens.

Part Time Rangers Tropical Elephant 10pk Cans 330ml

The latest addition to the Part Time Rangers family, the Tropical Elephant is a blend of vodka, passionfruit, apple, and sparkling water. With less than 4 gram of sugar, this all natural ready-to-drink beverage is summer in a can.

Part Time Rangers White Rhino 10pk Cans 330ml

White Rhino is crafted with only 3 natural ingredients. It’s a delicious gin, a splash of real lemon juice, topped off with pure sparkling water. This simple mix has only 1 gram of sugar, so it’s relatively guilt free too. It’s the original Part Time Ranger beverage, they reckon it goes well on ice with a sprig of mint. Best part about the White Rhino is, from every drink sold, they donate 10% of profits to prevent rhino poaching in South Africa. The charity that White Rhino partner with is lead by Jamie Joseph, who works alongside the rangers to take down the rhino poachers, and tackle the kingpins.