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Malfy Rosa Italian Gin 700ml + Glass Gift Pack

Distilled in Italy with some of the finest botanicals including handpicked juniper, pink grapefruit, Italian lemons and some fresh Sicilian pink grapefruit. ABV: 41%

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Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic 4pk 200ml Bottles

We use less quinine in our Mediterranean Tonic which, with the addition of rosemary and lemon thyme, produces a much lighter, more fragrant tonic.

Malfy Flavour Gin Mix 4x50ml

Gift set includes: x1 Malfy Originale Gin 50ml, x1 Malfy Con Limone Gin 50ml, x1 Malfy Rosa Gin 50ml, x1 Malfy Con Arancia Gin 50ml

Malfy Con Arancia Italian Gin 700ml + Glass Gift Pack

Malfy Con Arancia’s key botanical additions are Blood Orange peels sourced from Sicily. Blood Oranges are a prized variety in Sicily – and harvested in November – their rich red color develops from the cool Mediterranean nights. The Blood Orange peels are steeped in alcohol and pressed in a basket press. The infusion is then blended with juniper and other botanicals before being distilled in a stainless steel vacuum still.

Jacobs Creek Sparkling Moscato Rose 750m

Along with its award winning sister, the Jacob’s Creek Sparkling Moscato Rosé shows sweet notes of strawberry and red berry flesh with soft, zingy acidity and spritz. A very crowd friendly bubbly.

Beefeater London Dry Gin 700ml + Copa Glass Gift Pack

Beefeater London Dry has a remarkably clean flavour, with a bold juniper character that is balanced with strong citrus notes, making it the perfect gin to enjoy with the tonic of your choice. ABV: 40%. Gift Pack inclides: x1 Beefeater London Dry Gin 700ml, x1 Branded Beefeater Copa Glass

Kraken Black Spiced Rum 700ml

The Kraken is a unique Caribbean black spiced rum weighing in at a potent 94 Proof. It is distilled in Trinidad and Tobago and enriched with an exotic blend of 13 secret spices. The rich black color takes its hue from the mysterious ink with which, as legend has it, the Kraken, a squid of epic proportions, covered its prey. The Kraken’s proprietary bottle is a replica of a Victorian Rum bottle and features two handles – allowing for easy portability (as well as potability) – and calls to mind the shape of the giant squid. Enjoy The Kraken on the rocks, or as a key ingredient to your favorite mixed drink.

Ron Zacapa Centenario 23YO Solera Rum 1 Litre

Ron Zacapa Cent 23YO Rum 1 ltr Nose: Very sweet and nutty, honey and chocolate. Dark brown sugar, gentle smoke. Pipe tobacco. Palate: Very sweet and soft. Dark brown sugar, molasses, rounded, so gentle! Finish: Thick, medium length, hint of smoke on the tail.

McClellands Speyside Single Malt Whisky 700ml

SPEYSIDE Single Malt Speyside malts are sweet and fruity; sometimes delicate, sometimes rich and robust. Always complex. Region: SPEYSIDE Cocktail: SPEYSIDE DAISY

Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur 700ml

Bailey's Irish Cream is a unique irish spirit made from a mix of cream, sugar, cocoa and the finest irish spirits. Each bottle of Bailey's is 50% fresh cream, combined with triple distilled Irish Whiskey. It contains no additives or preservatives, and has become the best known irish cream in the world since it's initiation in 1974. Alc. Vol.:17%

WhiteCliff Pinot Noir 750ml

A strawberry, candied, mushroom nose adorns a light-coloured pinot; almost a dark blush. In the mouth, the wine lacks texture, it is very lightweight and has no presence whatsoever. Insipid would be an apt descriptor. The palate is awash with sweet, strawberry flavours that become reminscent of cordial on the unsubstantial, barely perceptible tannin finish. There is an element of tartness that comes through on the finish to counterpoint the sweetness, though neither of these characters gel.

WhiteCliff Pinot Gris 750ml

Intense straw colour with light green gold hues. Classic Pinot Gris spicy aromas with elegant nuances of apple and pear. The palate is full and soft with subtle fruit flavours and balanced structure leading to a lingering aftertaste.