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Lion Cans

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Lion Cans

Guinness Draught Cans 6pk 440ml

From the smooth, light head of Guinness Draught, to the bittersweet reward. Guinness Draught leaves the drinker wanting more.

Kilkenny Cans 6pk 440ml

Kilkenny Cans 4x6pk 440ml

Lion Brown 18pk Cans 330ml

The deep amber of Lion Beer produces a nutty, biscuity note.

Rheineck 12 Pack Cans 330ml

Longer brewing time and special cold filtration combine to give Rheineck its classic taste. The hop character is understated and the sweet, malty character produces a soft refreshing taste.

Speights Gold 6pk Cans 440ml

Speight's encapsulates the needs of thirsty yet discerning Southern Men. Probably the least sweet of all New Zealand mainstream brown beers, this characteristic allows the full flavour of the malt and hops to shine through. Speight's Gold Medal Ale is a great accompaniment to any meat dish and is superb with gamey Southern dishes such as venison, duck and rabbit.

Steinlager Black 12pk Cans 330ml

Steinlager All Black Supporters 12 Pack Cans 330ml
Previously:  $22.99 $18.99

Waikato Draught 6pk Cans 5% 440ml

Waikato draught was first brewed in 1925 [1] and has been one of the biggest selling beers in the region ever since. Willie the waiter, a cartoon character used to promote the beer was created in 1945. At this time Waikato Draught was selling 400,000 gallons of beer each year and was being brewed from the Innes Family Waikato Brewery.[2] In 1961 New Zealand Breweries(later to become Lion Nathan) acquired Waikato Breweries from CL Innes.[3] The brewery stayed open in Hamilton until 1987 when it was closed down. From this time production of Waikato Draught was moved to the Lion Breweries in Newmarket, Auckland. The manufacturer claims that Waikato Draught has a strong malty flavour with a well-defined bitterness. They refer to a smooth and clean texture, and a hoppy and spicy aroma. The manufacturer also suggests that the robust ale flavours are a good match with hearty meat and potato meals.