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Black Tears Cuban Dry Spiced Rum 700ml

Distilled from exceptional molasses and sourced near Cuba’s northern coast, Black Tears is spiced with coffee and cacao, which have flavored the history of Cuba itself, and infused with aji´ dulce, one of the most distinctive tastes in the island’s cuisine. The irresistible, bittersweet taste of Black Tears—and its low sugar content—sets it apart from other spiced rums and makes it completely unique within the spiced rum category. Moreover, Black Tears has earned the Vigia seal of high-quality rum, acknowledging the excellence and passion in the production process. Bucking the trend of sweet, vanilla-based rums that dominate the spiced-rum markets, it offers notes of coffee, tobacco, cacao for a more authentic taste and, thanks to its complex flavour, Black Tears mixes beautifully in long drinks and cocktails where it adds more drama and depth to traditional rum drinks.

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