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Absolut Raw Vodka 1 Litre

Fermentation and distillation transform grain into smoothness. During distillation, natural, amazingly flavorful, edgy notes are created but seldom used. Until now. With Absolut Raw, Absolut's Master Blender is exploring a unique approach to taste. Through his creative craftsmanship and selective nose, exciting flavor profiles in the raw spirit distillate, called cuts, are hand-selected and re-introduced into the vodka. And, like the rest of the vodka family, it’s produced in Åhus, not far from where Absolut's founder L.O. Smith was born. What does Absolut Raw taste like? Absolut Raw is a modern vodka with a crisp character and smooth texture. It has notes of fresh fruits, followed by a warm and spicy finish. ABV: 41.5%

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Black Collar Gin 700ml

A true Bay of Islands gin. Juniper forward with hints of floral and spice expertly distilled to produce a smooth and flavoursome gin. Try it with a premium tonic and a slice of grapefruit, it's really good! Bronze Medal winner IWSC & a fresh new look! ABV: 40%


Absolut OAK Vodka 1 Litre

To create Absolut Oak, the team at Absolut developed a bespoke process of first steeping the vodka in oak chips, then cask-ageing it in Swedish, French, and American oak barrels. The appearance of the vodka shifts from clear to a sumptuous dark-gold tint. Complex but subtle, the taste makes it a vodka like no other. It's deep and rich character makes perfect for composing cocktails previously reserved for darker spirits, thanks to its distinctive flavor notes. The innovation behind Absolut Oak has made it a flavor that challenges people to forget what they know about vodka.

Absolut Lime Vodka 1 Litre

Since the launch of Absolut Lime with its natural and not overly-sweet flavor, bartenders and “trytobees” at home have one less thing to think about when trying to impress their guests with that perfectly balanced drink. Cheers to another citrus sibling that brings to both classic and new drinks a unique character and an Absolut twist!

El Jimador Reposado Tequila 700ml

A pretty nice aroma of butterscotch A semi oily mouth feel. it taste sweet upon entry very low bitterness.A semi heatedfinish of medium duration with a lingering aftertaste of butterscotch.
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Sipsmith London Dry Gin 700ml

The quintessential classic. Copper pot distilled in London's first distillery for 200 years. Stunningly smooth, full of character & exploding with flavour; this is Gin made the way it used to be. ABV:41.6%

Cardrona The REID Single Malt Vodka 750ml

'the reid' Vodka is made from three ingredients: barley, water and yeast. 'the reid' starts life in the same way as Cardona Distillery Single Malt Whisky, giving fullness and body to this uncompromising Vodka. The Scottish two-row barley is milled and mixed with the Cardrona water and then fermented. It is then distilled in two 7.5 metre German column stills to over 95 percent alcohol. Cardrona water is then added back to bottle at a strength of 44 percent alcohol by volume.

Malfy Con Limone Gin 50ml

Malfy Gin Con Limone marries the finest Italian coastal lemons with our family’s unique gin recipe to create a one-of-a kind spirit. Distilled with classic Italian Juniper and Sfusato lemon peels from the AMALFI Coast – it has delightful citrus and juniper on the nose with a complex flavor of anise, citrus and coriander. Perfect with a premium tonic and a slice of lemon.

Malfy Con Arancia Gin 700ml

Malfy Con Arancia’s key botanical additions are Blood Orange peels sourced from Sicily. Blood Oranges are a prized variety in Sicily – and harvested in November – their rich red color develops from the cool Mediterranean nights. The Blood Orange peels are steeped in alcohol and pressed in a basket press. The infusion is then blended with juniper and other botanicals before being distilled in a stainless steel vacuum still.
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Grey Goose Melon Vodka 1Ltr

François Thibault created Grey Goose Le Melon to pay tribute to the French Cavaillon melon. The melons are harvested from June to August to ensure their full maturity. The fragrant orange colored fruit pulp gives this smooth and soft Grey Goose its fine aroma of sweet wildflower honey. Notes of a freshly cut melon, hints of bananas and pears are presented, before juicy melons, traces of citrus fruits and almonds will satisfy the palate. The finish is strongly melony with notes of almonds and wheat. ABV: 40%

SmirnOff 7% Vodka Soda n Guarana 7% 12pk Cans 250ml

Smirnoff Ice is the world's largest ready-to-drink vodka brands. A blend of Smirnoff Double Black and Guarana.

Bombay Sapphire London Dry Gin 1000ml

London Dry gin, distilled from 100% neutral grain spirit. The incomparable taste of Bombay Sapphire is the result of ten carefully selected botanical ingredients coupled with a unique distillation process. Unlike some other gins, which 'boil' their botanicals together with the spirit, Bombay Sapphire distils its spirit alone. The spirit vapour from this distillation then gently passes through a copper basket containing the botanicals. This infuses the subtle aromatic flavours from each of the ten botanicals into the spirit vapour resulting in a crisp, delicately balanced taste
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Jameson Irish Whiskey 1 Litre

Jameson Irish Whiskey is a blended Irish whiskey. 'What’s that?' you say. Well first they take the best of pot still and fine grain whiskeys, then they triple distil them - not because they have to, because they want to as it gives it it's signature smoothness. Finally, they're aged in oak casks for a minimum of 4 years.
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